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The New Zealand Wars: A History of the Maori Campaigns and the Pioneering Period: Volume I (1845–64)

(Chapter 32) — The Titi Hill Fight, Mauku, 1863

(Chapter 32)

The Titi Hill Fight, Mauku, 1863

With reference to the late Volunteer Heywood Crispe's fast ride from Mauku to Drury for reinforcements (Titi Hill fight, 1863) (page 304), Mrs. Crispe, of “Te Mahoe,” Mauku, states that her husband rode the distance (13½ miles) in less than an hour. “He had a powerful mount, and it was absolutely necessary to go full gallop at all times, as the Maoris often ambushed and fired at messengers on the route Mauku to Drury. On the morning of the Titi Hill fight, as there was a strong body of Maoris in the neighbourhood, it was important in more ways than one to secure immediate reinforcements, and with a good horse and rider there is no doubt that a record was put up.”