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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: a catalogue with indexes

Unbound pamphlets

Unbound pamphlets


Adams, Alexander Samuel.

Professor Salmond's blunder; prohibition: an effective social reform. A reply ... - Wellington: New Zealand Alliance, [1911].

96 D.


Alexander, Edward William.

Insanity in New Zealand; with suggestions for the disposal of the chronic insane. Dunedin: [1888?]

7 p.

Copy lacks cover-title.


Anderson, Sir Robert, 1841-1918,

Benefactors or blasphemers? a Higher Criticism enquiry. - Glasgow: Pickering & Inglis, [1905?]

16 p.


Anson, George Edward, 1851-1934.

Chats for the times; by Sidney Ritter. - Wellington: Turnbull, 1899.

79 p. : 9 ill.


Anti-force leaflets; the party of individual liberty. - London: Women's Printing Society, [188-?]


Edited by Auberon Herbert.

Contents: Our political, moral and social objects. - Some liberty propositions. - Education by bribes and coercion.


The Apia Church Gazette. - Apia:

v.1 no 2 (April 1894)


Archer, William, 1856-1924.

Six of one and half-a-dozen of the other; a letter to Mr L. Simons of The Hague. - London: Fisher Unwin, 1917.

32 p.


Ashburton under no-license; a pamphlet compiled

... under the auspices of the Ashburton No-License Council ... - Ashburton: New Zealand Alliance, [1911]

16 p.


Atkinson, Arthur Richmond, 1863-1935.

The drink traffic: a blunder; a reply to Professor Salmmnd. - 2 ed. - Wellington: [New Zealand Alliance], 1911.

100 p.


Atkinson, Arthur Richmond, 1863-1935.

What about the revenue? a brief review of the fiscal aspect of the liquor question. - Wellington: New Zealand Alliance, 1911.

13 p.


Australasian Federal Convention. 1897-1898.

Copy of Federal constitution under the crown as finally adopted. ... at Melbourne ... on the 16th March, 1898 ... Draft of a bill to constitute the Commonwealth of Australia ... - Melbourne: Govt. Printer, [1898]

29 p.


Australasian Society for Social Ethics.

Let there be light ... The unfoldment of character: individual, social, political, national, international, and spiritual. - Sydney: [188-?]

2 p.


Averill, Alfred Walter, Abp, 1865-1957.

Address by the ... Bishop of Auckland to the first session of the twenty-second Synod of the Diocese of Auckland. - Auckland: Brett Printing & Publishing, 1917.

35 P.


Averill, Alfred Walter, Abp, 1865-1957.

The war; an address by the Bishop of Auckland. - Auckland: Brett Printing, 1917. 18 p.


Baird, James.

Results of no-license in Invercargill. Wellington: New Zealand Alliance for the Abolition of the Liquor Traffic, [1911]

15 p. : ill.


Balfour, Arthur James Balfour, 1st earl of, 1848-1930.

Economic notes on insular free trade. -2 impression. - London: Longmans, Green, 1903.

32 p.

page 79

Bateman, William.

The Argentine Republic; its history, government and resources. - Dunedin: Printed at Otago Daily Times Office, 1895.

19 p.

From the Otago Witness, December 1894 and January 1895.


Begg, Ferdinand Faithfull, 1847-1926.

The immortal memory of Bro. Robert Burns; response to the toast ... on Thursday 22nd January, 1891. - London: Privately printed, 1891.

30 p.


Begg, John Campbell, 1876-1965.

The human and national - value of astronomy: address at ... NZ Astronomical Society. -[Dunedin]: Mills, Dick, 1924.

16 p.


Besant, Annie, 1847-1933.

Theosophy and imperialism; a lecture. - London: Theosophical Publishing Society, 1902.

30 p.


Bible reading in schools; some correspondence with its leaders and a pamphlet on Christian theology and modern education and civilisation. - Nelson: Printed by Lucas & Son (Nelson Mail), 1928.

24 p.

Part of correspondence and text of main section apparently by "J.D.".


Biddlecombe, J.

Interdependence of the Empire in regard to naval defence. - Melbourne: George Robertson, 1897.

23 p.


Blatchford, Robert, 1851-1943.

Germany and England; reprinted from 'The Daily Mail'. - Melbourne: E.W. Cole, [1914?]

31 p.


Bolt, William Mouat, 1838-1907.

An open letter to Dr. Richard Laishley; being a reply to his pamphlet on the causes of and the cure for the exodus: the land tax and other labour delusions exposed.

Dunedin: Fergusson and Mitchell, Printers, [1891?]

8 p.


Booth, Alison Alexander.

English life in the city of palaces, by Bluebell. - [Wellington]: McKee Print, [1896]

31 p. : plates.


Bourke, E.M. 1851-1923.

A little history of New Zealand. 4 ed. - Auckland: Upton and Co., [1881?]

112 p.


Bowden, George William Boyce, 1885

Roads and fairies. - Wellington: Whitcombe & Tombs, 1918.

32 p.


Bridges, Jabez.

'Twas won. 'Twas well won. 'Tis well 'twas won. - CMasterton]: Masterton No-License League, [1911]

28 p. : ill.

At head of title: Ourselves.


Brinkerhoff, Edgar Dayton, 1857.

Constitution for the United nations of the earth. - 3 ed. - Fall River, Mass.: Pamphlet Publishing Co., [1916]

[20] p.


Broadhead, Henry Dan, 1889-1967.

The war and the claims of science; a discussion of some educational problems in New Zealand. - Christchurch: Whitcombe and Tombs, [1916]

12 p.

Manuscript of critical notes by Sir Robert Stout tipped in at back.


Brown, John Macmillan, 1846-1935.

Driftwood of the Pacific. - [Christchurch]: Christchurch Press Co., [1900?]

3 p.

At head of title: Eugenics Education Society.


Brown, John Macmillan, 1846-1935.

New Zealand and the Pacific Ocean. - New York: Macmillan, 1917.

p. 497-501

Reprinted from: Panama-Pacific Historical Congress, 1915. The Pacific Ocean in history. Cover-title.


Brown, John Macmillan, 1846-1935.

Shelley's Adonais; a series of lectures. - Christchurch: Isitt, 1925.

64 p.


Brunet, Emile, 1863

German calumnies; 'The Anglo-Belgian conventions'. - London: Hicks, Wilkinson & Sears, [1916?]

23 p. : facsims.


Bryce, James Bryce, viscount, 1838-1922.

Neutral nations and the war. - London: Macmillan, 1914.

16 p.


Buller, Sir Walter Lawry, 1838-1906.

To the Honourable the Speaker, and members of the House of Representatives ... the humble petition of Sir Walter ...

Wellington: Harding, [1896]

5 P.


Bute, John Patrick Crichton-Stuart, 3rd marquis of, 1847-1900.

Parliament in Scotland; reprinted from the Scottish review, October 1889. - Paisley: Alex, Gardner, [1889?]

16 p.


Butterworth, Arthur Reginald, 1850-1924. Australian federation and the Privy

Council. - London: Sweet & Maxwell, 1900. 52 p.


Carlile, William Warrand.

The Indian mints. - Glasgow: Philosophical Society of Glasgow, 1897-98.

24 p.

Reprinted from the Proceedings of the Philosophical Society of Glasgow.


Cassell and Company, Ltd.

Messrs Cassell and Company, Limited, and co-operative production; report of a meeting held at Exeter Hall, June 8th, 1883. - London: Cassell, [1883]

63 p.


Chapman, Sir Frederick Revans, 1849-1936.

The interest and value of New Zealand history. An inaugural lecture delivered ... to the New Zealand Historial Association (Otago Branch). - Dunedin: Otago Daily Times.


8 p.

page 80

Chilton, Charles, 1860-1929.

The Christchurch artesians and the city water supply. - Christchurch: Lyttelton Times, Printers, 1924.

133 p. : ill.

Reprint of articles originally published in the Christchurch Star.


Chilton, Charles, 1860-1929.

The Manhood of the Nation. - [Christchurch: The Sun Printers, 1919.]

15 p.


Chinese labour. The pro-Chinese methods, how the petition was signed, ... by the South African News special correspondent. - Cape Town: S.A. Newspaper Co., [1904?]

15 p.


Civic and Moral Education League.

Particulars of a meeting for civic study, to be held at Ludlow, Shropshire, between Saturday 22nd April, and Saturday 29th April 1916. - London: [1916]

4 p.


Clayden, Peter William.

Armenia: the case against Lord Salisbury; a journalist's glance back over twenty years.

- London: Horace Marshall on behalf of The Liberal Forward Movement, [1896]

24 p.


Cleary, Henry William, Bp, 1859-1929.

The Catholic Church & party politics. - [Auckland]: Whitcombe & Tombs, 1928.

4 p. - (The month reprints; 29)


Cleary, Henry William, Bp, 1859-1929.

The state-religion league. Alleged Catholic purchase of Labour party votes. The league in politics. The text of the greater part of a discourse delivered ... July 1, 1928 ... - Wellington: Whitcombe and Tombs, 1928.

8 p. - (The month reprints; 28)


Coghlan, Sir Timothy Augustine, 1856-1926.

A statistical account of the seven colonies of Australasia. - Sydney: Govt. Printer, 1890.

186 p. : fold. map


Cohen, Mark, 1849-1928.

An Empire symposium on important imperial issues: being the opinion of representative New Zealanders in respect to: 1. Representation of the overseas dominions in the councils of the Empire. 2. Dealing with the conquered colonies of the enemy. 3. The basis of future contribution to the Imperial Navy. 4. The policing of the Pacific. 5. Future trade policy of the Empire. - Dunedin: Star Print, [1916]

24 p.


'Companionship in arms'. Speeches delivered in London on April 12, 1917, by the Prime Minister of Great Britain [and others] ... to celebrate America's adhesion to the Allies' cause. - London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1917.

24 p.


Contemporary review. No. 416, August, 1900.

153-304 p.

Contains article by Sir Robert Stout: Australasia; her resources and foreign trade, p.266-274.


Cook, Edward Tyas, Sir, 1857-1919.

How Britain strove for peace; a record of Anglo-German negotiations 1898-1914, told from authoritative sources. - London: Macmillan, 1914.

39 p.


Cooper, William, 1852

A greater heaven, or from pulpit to Paradise; a Christmas Eve story. - Auckland: Geddis & Blomfield, 1905.

15 p.



The cost of living; a remedy - a national consumers' association. - Napier: Printed by Venables, [1925?]

7 P.


Cotton, George Witherage, 1821-1892.

Small holdings: the mainstay of individuals and nations; a paper read in Adelaide on 28th August, 1888. - Adelaide: T.S. Carey, printers, [1888]

8 p.

Caption title.


Coulton, George Gordon, 1858-1947.

Priests and people before the Reformation [and Parish life in medieval England] - London: Elliot Stock, [1907]

20, 16 p. - (Medieval studies; 8)

Reprinted from The contemporary review, and The Churchman, 1907.


Coulton, George Gordon, 1858-1947.

The Roman Catholic church and the Bible; some historical notes. - Great Shelford, Cambs.: 1921.

36 p.


Cowan, James, 1870-1943.

Samoa and its story. - Christchurch: Whitcombe and Tombs, 1914.

63 p. : ill.


Crouch, Richard Armstrong, 1868-1949.

Paths to Federation. A criticism of present methods. - Melbourne: Paul, 1905.

7 p.

At head of title.: Imperial Federation League.


Cunningham, William, 1849-1919.

The causes of labour unrest and the remedies for it; the draft of a report. - London: John Murray, 1912.

29 p.


Curran, Henry.

Should Christians vote against the liquor traffic? - Rev, and enl. - Wellington: [New Zealand Alliance, 1911]

6 p.


Darton, Thomas, d.1909.

The last chapter of the earth's history; the lunar hypothesis, by Thos. Darton and John Christie. - Dunedin: Otago Daily Times and Witness Newspapers Company, 1909.

46 p.

Reprinted from the Otago Witness.


Dastardly attack on Sir Joseph Ward; Mr T.E. Taylor on political methods; lively scene in Parliament; Sir Joseph Ward speaks. This pamphlet is printed and circulated as a compliment to Sir Joseph Ward, by the members of the Liberal Party. - Wellington:

Printed by the N.Z. Times Co. for the Progressive Liberal League of New Zealand, [1910]

15 p.


Davies, Edward.

Capital: the friend and ally of wage-earners and the mainspring of commerce; extracts and notes by a Wage-earner for more than half a century. - Melbourne: Hart Printing, 1896.

32 p.

page 81

De Aula, Hugh.

A new theory of poverty; by Hugh De Aula. - London: Williams and Norgate, 1872.

15 p.


De la Mare, Frederick Archibald, 1877-1960.

Our educational system; a series of articles written for and published in the Waikato Times ... September, October and November, 1918. - Hamilton: Printed at the Waikato Times, 1918.

33 p.


De Leon, Daniel, 1852-1914.

The preamble of the Industrial Workers of the World; address delivered ... at Union Temple, Minneapolis, Minnesota, July tenth, nineteen-hundred and five. - New York City: New York Labor News, [1905?]

48 p.


Dibbs, George Richard, Sir, 1834-1904.

To the Hon. Sir James Patterson ... 12 June 1894. - Sydney: Govt. Printer, 1894.

10 p.


Drage, Geoffrey, 1860

The Balkan main current.

197-216 p.

Extract from the Edinburgh review, Jan. 1913.


Drage, Geoffrey, 1860

Eton and the Empire; an address delivered at Eton College, Saturday, November 15th, 1890.. - 2nd thousand - Eton: R. Ingalton Drake, 1891.

40 p.


Duffus, Robert Drucke Lubecke, 1837?-1907.

The electors war cry; tax the land and spare the people, an appeal to the electors on the burning question of the day. By A voice from the people. - Auckland: Lennox, [1884?]

31 p.


Duffus, Robert Drucke Lubecke, 1837?-1907.

Hard times and land monopoly; an appeal to the electors to stamp out poverty and abolish all taxation upon industry by nationalising the future unearned increase in land value, by A voice from the people. - Auckland: Lennox, [1884]

170 D.


Dunn, William.

Some forms of gambling including the totalisator. - Dunedin: Wilkie, [1893?]

12 p.


Eccles, Alfred, 1880-1951.

The first New Zealand exhibition and Dunedin in 1865. - Dunedin: Crown Print, 1925.

19 p. : ill. (1 fold.)

Reprinted from the Otago Witness, November 17, 1925.


Engels, Friedrich, 1820-1895.

The labour movement in America; the George movement - the Knights of Labour - the socialists. - London: William Reeves, 1887.

8 p.

Reprint of the preface to 1887 edition of Condition of the working class in England in 1844.


English Land Restoration League.

Special report: with the 'Red vans' in 1897. - London: 1898.

24 p. : ill.


Farrand, William B.

Life thoughts. - Auckland: Reliance Print, 1918.

[22] p.


Fidus Achates.

An open letter to the scientific men of New Zealand. [3] p. Reprinted from the Wellington "Evening Post" of 20th Dec. 1918.


Findlay, Sir John George, 1862-1929.

Travels with a Royal commission; by a Camp follower. - Wellington: N.Z. Times, [1910?] 19 p.


Fitzgerald, James Edward, 1818-1896. Religious teaching; a speech. - Christchurch: Printed at the Press Office, 1868. 8 p.


Fitzgibbon, Edmund Gerald.

Party government and suggestions for better. Reprinted from the 'Melbourne review' of January 1878, with additions to date.

Melbourne: Melville, Mullen & Slade, 1893.

35 p.


Forrest, John Forrest, baron, 1847-1918.

Commonwealth Parliament. Speech on moving the second reading of the Defence Bill ... in the House of Representatives, on 16th July 1903. - Melbourne: Govt. Printer, [1903]

14 p.


Fotheringham, W.

Notes on the old crosskirk at Quendale at Dunrossness, Shetland, and its monumental stones.

174-180 p.

Reprinted from the Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 1907.


France. Commission instituée en vue de constater les actes commis par l'ennemi en violation du droit des gens.

L'Allemagne et le droit des gens; faits criminels commis à l'egard des combattants et du personnel sanitaire attaché aux armées. Troisiéme et quatrieme rapports, - Paris: Imprimerie des journaux officiels, 1915.

63 p.


France. Commission instituee en vue de constater les actes commis par l'ennemi en violation du droit des gens.

Les atrocites allemandes en France; rapport - Paris: Imprimerie des journaux officiels, 1915.

16 p.

Extrait du Journal Officiel de la Reépublique francaise du 8 janvier 1915.


France. Ministere des affaires étrangéres.

The deportation of women and girls from Lille; translated textually from the note addressed ... to the governments of neutral powers ... with extracts from other documents ... relating to German breaches of international law during 1914, 1915, 1916. - London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1916.

81 p.


Freemasons. Grand Lodge of N.Z.

Report and minutes of proceedings of the Masonic convention of lodge delegates, held in. Wellington ... 1880. - Wellington: Evening Post Print, 1889.

32 p.

page 82

Galland, L. Frédéric.

Te porotetani mau; iritihia ei reo tahiti no roto i te hoe puta i te reo farani i papahia e te orometua ra o L.-F. Galland. - Cahors: Coueslant, 1902.

100 p.

Translation of Savez-vous bien ce que c'est qu'un vrai protestant?


Gammell, John, 1835-1913.

The rational theory of the Book of Daniel. - Christchurch: Henry, [1898]

51 p.


Gardner, Oswald.

Land, banking and finance. - [Wanganui: Wanganui Chronicle Print, 1925]

24 p.


George, Henry, 1839-1897.

Why work is scarce, wages low, and labor restless; a lecture delivered in Metropolitan Temple, San Francisco, March 26, 1878.

San Francisco: Land Reform League of California, [188-]

15 p.


Gladstone, William Ewart, 1809-1898.

The government of Ireland bill; speech delivered ... in the House of Commons, on moving for leave to introduce a Bill for the better government of Ireland, on Thursday 8th April 1886. - London: National Press Agency for the Liberal Central Association, [1886]

47 p.

At head of title: Authorised edition.


Gordon, Ernest Barron, 1867

Two footnotes to the history of the anti-alcohol movement. - Boston: 1916.

64 p. - (Studies and documents of the anti-alcohol movement; 2)


Gordon, John Hannah, Sir, 1850-1913.

The river question; a letter from J.H. Gordon to the premier of Victoria, W.H. Irvine, 13th February 1903. - Adelaide: J.L. Bonython & Co., 1903.

8 p.


Goudie, Gilbert.

The ecclesiastical antiquities of the southern parishes of Shetland. - Aberdeen: W. Jolly, 1912.

15 p. : ill.

Reprinted from the Scottish Ecclesiological Society Transactions, 1911-12.


Goudie, Gilbert.

The ecclesiastical revenues of Shetland after the Reformation settlement in 1560. [302]-313 p.

Extract from the Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, v.44, 1910.


Grant, George Monro, 1835-1902.

Imperial federation; a lecture delivered in Victoria Hall, Winnipeg, on September 13th, 1889. - Winnipeg: Manitoba Free Press Print, 1890.

15 p.


Grant, James Gordon Stuart, 1838-1902.

Horae literariae. - Dunedin: Fergusson & Mitchell, [1889?]

4 p.


Gt Brit. Committee on Alleged German Outrages. Report of the Committee on Alleged German

Outrages. -.Melbourne: Govt. Printer, 1915.

22 p.

Committee chairman: Viscount Bryce.


Gt Brit. India Office.

Indian constitutional reforms: the Montagu-Chelmsford proposals. A brief version of the official report by the Secretary of State and the Viceroy. - London: John Murray for the India Office, 1918.

53 p.

An abridged version of East India (constitutional reforms), Cd.9109.


Gt Brit. Parliament. House of Commons.

The full text of the Home Rule Bill 1893, as introduced ... by Mr Gladstone, February 1893; with index, summary, and comparison of the bills of 1886 and 1893. - 6 ed. - London: Pall Mall Gazette, 1893.

32 p. - (Pall Mall gazette extra; 67) Caption title: The Home Rule Bill 1893.


Griffith, Samuel Walker, Sir, 1845-1920.

Australasian federation; Legislative Assembly, 9 July 1890. - [Brisbane: Govt. Printer, 1890]

5 p.


Grossman, Joseph Penfound, 1864-1953.

Bimetallism, as a remedy for the present depressed condition of labour and capital. - Dunedin: Printed at Otago Daily Times Office, [1896]

15 p.


Hammond, Robert Broadribb Stuart.

An address delivered at the Anglican Synod in the Diocese of Waiapu ... with answers to questions ... - Wellington: New Zealand Alliance, 1911.

7 p.

Caption title: No-license and Dominion prohibition.


Hanson, Sir Richard Davies, 1805-1876.

Law in nature, and other papers, read before the Adelaide Philosophical Society and the South Australia Institute. - Adelaide: Rigby, 1865.

75 p.


Hargrove, Ernest Temple.

An American view of the South African situation; how Australasia might help Great Britain, by 'T.', author of 'World politics', etc. - New York: 1901.

64 p.


Harris, James.

Is no license a success? by Jim Harris, Karaka Creek, Thames, who went to see for himself. - Wellington: [New Zealand Alliance, 1911]

24 p.


Hean, George William.

Ashburton answers; independent testimony of 122 business and professional men. (In answer to an impartial circular). - Wanganui: Wanganui Chronicle Co., Printers, 1905.

30 p.

Includes advertising matter.


Henkel, F.W.

L'Evolution Zanichelli, 1911. 9 p.stellaire et les théories de la capture. - Bologna: Nicola

Extract from Scientia; v.9, anno 5 (1911)


Henley, Thomas F.

Poverty (an essay). - Melbourne: E.W. Cole, [1893]

20 p.

Copy postmarked 'Se 3 93'.

page 83

Henry, John, 1834

An address delivered ... to the Young Men's Mutual Improvement Association of Latrobe, ... on Monday, March 10th, 1890. - [Launceston]: 'Launceston examiner' and 'Tasmanian', 1890.

15 D.

Cover, caption and running title: Free-trade v. protection.


Henry, John, 1834

Address to the electors of Tasmania, on The Federal constitution bill. - Devonport [Tasmania]: Printed at 'The North-west Post' office, [1898]

12 p.


Henry, Richard, 1845-1929.

Speculations in astronomy. - [Helensville?: 1925?]

8 p.


Hensman, Alfred Peach, 1833-1902.

Correspondence between Sir F.N. Broome, Governor of Western Australia, and Alfred P. Hensman, late ... Attorney-General in that colony, relating to Mr Hensman's resignation of his office; together with a letter from Mr Hensman to ... Earl Granville, Secretary of State for the Colonies. - Perth: 1886.

44 p.


Hervey, Maurice H.

The genesis of imperial federation. - Sydney: John Sands, 1887.

34 p.


Hill, Henry Thomas, 1849-1933.

The moa - legendary, historical, and geological; why and when the moa disappeared. - Wellington: Govt. Printer, 1914.

330-351 p. : map

From Transactions of the New Zealand Institute, v.46, 1913.


Hirsch, Max, 1853-1909.

The property tax, or a tax on wealth in all its forms: who pays it? - Melbourne: 'Beacon' newspaper, [1894]

15 p.


Hirsch, Max, 1853-1909.

A scheme of taxation for producers. - Melbourne: Saxton & Buckie, [ca.1895?]

7 p. - (The Single tax library)


Hoare, James O'Bryen Dott Richard, 1835-1914.

The treatment of criminals. - [Christchurch: 189-?]

4 p.

Reprinted from the Canterbury Times, August 22nd.


Hobhouse, Emily, 1860-1926.

To the Committee of the South African Distress Fund; report of a visit to the camps of women and children in the Cape and Orange

River colonies. - London: Friars Printing Association, [1900]

40 p.


Hótel. Métropole, Sydney.

The Hotel Metropole guide book to Sydney,

and principal railway and Post Office towns in New South Wales. - Second issue. - Sydney: Australian Coffee Palace Company, 1891.

96 p. : ill.


The 'How I was educated' papers; from the Forum magazine. - New York: Appleton, 1889. 126 p.

Unbound pamphlets contd.


Hunter, William Alexander, 1844-1898.

The financial relations of England and Scotland. -.Edinburgh: Offices of the Scottish Home Rule Association, 1892.

17 p.


Intercolonial Conference of Australasian Chambers of Commerce, Sydney, 1897.

New Hebrides and trade in the Pacific; extracts from report and from a statement submitted to the Hon. G.H. Reid. - Sydney: Andrew, Printers, 1897.

12 p.


Izett, James.

The blood that makes for Empire. A series of patriotic songs. - Wellington: Wright & Carman Printers, 1901.

23 p.


Izett, James.

King George the Third. A tragedy. - Wellington: Printed by Watts & Richards, 1899.

48 p.


Izett, James.

Tutanekai and Hinemoa. - New Plymouth:

Printed at the Taranaki Daily News Office [1925]

19 p.



Johnston, Robert Mackenzie, 1844-1918.

Proposed psychometer index designed as an aid to the better determination of common fungoid illusions, and of the comparative value of mental concepts. - [Hobart?: ca.1900?]

12 p.


Jones, William Tudor, 1865-1946.

Rudolf Eucken's Philosophy of Religion. - Wellington: Geddis Printer, 1908.

43 p.


Jordan, David Starr, 1851-1931.

Imperial democracy.

19 p.

From the New world for December 1898.


Jordan, David Starr, 1851-1931.

Utilitarian science.

[76]-91 p.

Reprinted from the Popular science monthly, November 1904.


Jordan, David Starr, 1851-1931.

What shall we say? being comments on current matters of war and waste. - Boston, Mass.: World Peace Foundation, 1913.

82 p.


Kahn, Otto Hermann, 1867-1934.

The need for national efficiency; extracts from an address, January 1918. - [New York?: 1918]

30 p.


Kahn, Otto Hermann, 1867-1934.

Prussianized Germany; Americans of foreign descent and America's cause. - [New York?: 1917]

21 p.

From an address before the Harrisburg, Pa., Chamber of Commerce, September 26, 1917.


Keane, Sir John, 1873-1956.

The zealots; over-regulation and its bearing on national waste. - London: John Murray,


60 p.

page 84

Kingston, Charles Cameron, 1850-1908.

Debate in the South Australian House of Assembly on second reading of the Bill for the settlement of industrial disputes, introduced by C.C. Kingston. - Adelaide: W.K. Thomas, 1891.

8 p.


Knights of Labour Gisborne Assembly.

An eloquent discourse on our modern social and industrial system. - Gisborne: N.Z. Standard Office, [ca.1895]

4 p.


Kutrzeba, Stanisaw, 1876-1946.

The rights of Russia to Lithuania and White-Ruthenia. - Paris: Imp. Flinikowski, 1919.

11 p.


Ladenburg, Albert, 1842-1911.

On the influence of the natural sciences on our conceptions of the universe; an address delivered ... before ... the Association of German Scientists and Physicians; translated by Charles T. Sprague. - London: Watts, [1904?]

15 p.

Issued for the Rationalist Press Association.


Le Rossingnol, James Edward, 1866-1959.

Taxation in Colorado. - Denver, Colo.: G.T. Bishop, 1902.

64 p.


Levinge, Henry Mark, 1847?-1918.

What's the time? - [Wanganui]: Hatherly & Johnson, Print., [1900?]

4 p.

Notes to accompany the picture of an instrument.


Lichnowsky, Karl Max, fOrst von, 1860-1928. Lichnowsky memoirs: My mission to London, 1912-1914. - London: Cassell, [1918]

32 p.

Printed in Australia by the Osborne Print.


Lloyd, Henry Demarest, 1847-1903.

The Chicago traction question. - [Chicago: 1903?]

92 p. : port.


Lloyd George, David Lloyd George, 1st earl, 1863-1945.

The Great War; speech delivered ... at the Queen's Hall, London, on September 19th, 1914. - London: Hodder and Stoughton, [1914]

16 p.


Luschan, Emma von.

Anthropologische Messungen an 95 Engländern (S.S. 'Durham Castle', Brit. Association 1905); von Emma and Felix von Luschan.

[58]-80 p.

Extract from Zeitschrift fër Ethnologie,

Hft 1, 1914.


Lutosawski, Wincenty, 1863-1954. Bolshevism and Poland. - Paris: Imp. Flinikowski, 1919.

38 p.


McCarthy, Samuel Ernest, 1857?-1928.

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Caption title.


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From August 18 pamphlets have title Religious exercises in schools.

page 88

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The United States & the Australasian Federation compared.

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page 89

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Issued for Union Steam Ship Co.


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2 ed. - New York: Twentieth Century Publishing Company, 1892.

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14 p. - (Empire Service League pamphlets; 3)


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