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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: a catalogue with indexes

Rare volume

Rare volume


Emigration to New Zealand. Report of the speeches delivered by the Rev. Dr Burns and others at the meeting in the Philosophical Hall, Paisley on Monday, the 27th June, 1840. - Paisley: [J. Neilson], 1840. 11, [1] p.

Includes Rules of the Paisley New Zealand Emigration Society.


Mr Secretary Cardwell and the right of petition. - [London: Northern Association of New Zealand London Committee, 1866]

16 p.


FitzRoy, Robert, 1805-1865.

Remarks on New Zealand, in February 1846. London: W. and H. White, 1846.

67 p.


Canterbury Association.

Minute of the Committee of Management of the Canterbury Association, dated May 24, 1850. - [London: 1850?] 6 p.


Fox, Sir William, 1812-1893.

[Correspondence] For private circulation only. 28th Jan. 1852. - [London: 1852]

39 P.

Minute, with appendix of notes and correspondence stating various complaints against Governor Grey.


Carleton, Hugh Francis, 1810-1890.

A page from the history of New Zealand by Metoikos. - Auckland: Williamson and Wilson, 1854.

69 p.


Carleton, Hugh Francis, 1810-1890.

Postscript to 'A page from the history of New Zealand by Metoikos, being a short exposition of the pusillanimous compliance of the secretaries of the Church Missionary Society with the political intrigue of Sir George Grey, set forth in his calumniatory despatches to the Secretary of State for the Colonies. -[London: 1854?]

19 p.


Busby, James, 1800-1871.

The first settlers in New Zealand, and their treatment by the government; being a speech delivered at the table of the House of Representatives, August 1st, 1856. - Rev. and enl. - Auckland: Printed by Williamson and Wilson, 1856.

54 p.


Browne, Edward Harold, Bp., 1811-1891.

The case of the war in New Zealand; from authentic documents. - Cambridge: Deighton, Bell, 1860.

51 p.


Buddle, Thomas, 1812-1883.

The Maori King movement in New Zealand, with a full report on the native meetings held at Waikato, April and May, 1860. - Auckland: New Zealander, 1860.

72 p.


Hawtrey, Montague John Gregg, b.1801 or 1802

Justice to New Zealand, honour to England. - London: Rivingtons, 1861.

108 p.


New Zealand. Memorial to His Grace, the Secretary of State for the Colonies together with a Memorandum on New Zealand affairs. - London: Church Missionary 1861.

xi, 46 p.

Memorial dated 4th January 1861 and EL-:le: by C.M.S. President, the Earl of Chichester.

page 75

New Zealand. Memorandum on New Zealand affairs. - London: Church Missionary House, 1861.

46 p.

"To accompany the Memorial to the Secretary of State for the Colonies."

A separate issue of the Memorandum without the memorial.


The New Zealand war of 1860; an inquiry into its origin and justice, together with some remarks on the land question, in relation to the natives. - [London]: Tweedie, [1861]

52 p.

Copied with additions from the Colonial Intelligencer, the organ of the Aborigines' Protection Society.


Brodie, Walter.

New Zealand and the Constitution Act. Reasons against the re-appointment of Governor Sir George Gray [sic]. - [London: Tweedie, 1861]

32 p.

Letter to editor of New Zealand Examiner 12 June 1861.


New Zealand. A vindication of the character of the missionaries and native Christians. - London: Church Missionary House, 1861.

35 P.

Includes three letters from Wiremu Kingi Whiti to Archdeacon Hadfield.


Hadfield, Octavius, Bp, 1814-1904.

A sequel to 'One of England's little wars': being an account of the real origin of the war in New Zealand, its present stage, and the future prospects of the colony. - London: Williams and Norgate, 1861.

16 p.


Martin, Sir William, 1807-1880.

The Taranaki question. - 2 ed. - London: Dalton, 1861.

146 p.