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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: a catalogue with indexes

Volume 82

Volume 82


N.Z. Crown Lands Dept.

Regulations for the formation of special settlements, and suggested rules. - Wellington: Govt. Printer, 1885.

8 p.


Moralizing, philosophizing and sympathizing.

- Christchurch: Whitcombe and Tombs, [1885]

11 p.

Satirical attack on 1878 Sheep Act.


Liberal Association of New South Wales.

Rules ... - Sydney: H. Garforth, 1885. 8 p.


National Patriotic Party of New Zealand.

Constitutions. - Christchurch: Printed at the Caxton Printing Works, 1885.

7 p

Tipped in: Preamble [and] Objects, 1 fold. leaf.


Rosegger, Peter, 1843-1918.

P.K. Rosegger: Ausgewghlte Schriften. 20 Bälnde. - Wien: A. Hartleben, [ca.1890?]

16 p.



Andrade, David Andrew.

Warning words to doubters, culled from the Scriptures. - Melbourne: W.C. Andrade, [1885?]

[8] P.


Liberal Association of New South Wales.

The Liberal Association. To the Liberals of New South Wales. - [Sydney]: 1885.


At head of title: 'No.1 - issued January 1885'.


Abbot, Francis Ellingwood, 1836-1903.

The impeachment of Christianity. - [Toledo, Ohio: Free Religious Association, 1872]

6 p. - (Index tracts; 10)

From The Index of Jan.6, 1872

Also in vol. 1


An English Writer.

The coming of the Lord; by an English writer. - Oakland, Calif.: Signs of the times, [ca.1880?]

8 p.

Caption title.



Elihu on the Sabbath. - Battle Creek, Mich.: [Seventh-day Adventist Publishing Association, ca.1874?]

16 p.

Possibly by Elihu Burritt, the 'learned blacksmith'.

page 69

Berry, Digby Marsh.

Judgment without evidence: a cross-examination of 'religion without superstition'. - Melbourne: George Robertson, 1885.

28 p.


Pakeha Maori.

A plea for the revision of the Westminster Assembly's 'Shorter Catechism'; or, The Bible-in-Schools difficulty solved, by Pakeha Maori. - Sydney: H. Garforth, 1885.

22 p.


Young secularist. - Melbourne: l(Oct 1884)-?

lnol(Oct 1884)


Bradlaugh, Charles, 1833-1891.

To the electors who may vote on 1st January 1886. - [no imprint, Northampton?: 1885]

2 p.

Caption title.


Bradlaugh, Charles, 1833-1891.

The rights of constituencies; Mr Bradlaugh's speech at the bar of the House of Commons, May 4, 1883. - London: Annie Besant and Chas. Bradlaugh, [1883]

4 p.

Caption title.


Bradlaugh, Charles, 1833-1891.

May the House of Commons commit treason? An appeal to the people. - London: Annie Besant and Chas. Bradlaugh, [1883?]

4 p.

Caption title.


Bathgate, John, 1809-1886.

State bank of issue; lecture. - Dunedin: Fergusson & Mitchell, 1884.

23 p.

Lecture delivered under the auspices of the New Zealand Manufacturers' Association. Cover title.

Also in vol. 65


Duffus, Robert Drucke Lubecke, 1837?-1907.

A State bank: a paper read before the Auckland Liberal Association ... on May 5th, 1885. - Auckland: William Atkin, [1885]

12 p.


Social Purity Society of South Australia.

Copy of bill brought into the South Australian Parliament on behalf of the Colton Ministry, by the Hon. R.C. Baker, Minister of Justice. - [Adelaide: P.A. News, 1884]

4 p.

Caption title.


Kirby, Joseph Coles, 1837-1924.

Remedies for the great evil which injures social purity. - 2 rev. ed. - Port Adelaide: Derrington, 1883.

20 p.


George, Henry, 1839-1897.

The crime of poverty: an address delivered in the Opera House at Burlington, Iowa, April 1st, 1885 ... under the auspices of Burlington Assembly, Knights of Labor - Burlington: Bishop, 1885.

14 p.

Also in vol. 56


Farquhar, Grant P.

Submarine sluicing: an effective, safe, and economical means of deepening the bar and improving the lower harbor of Port Otago, with some accounts of their formation and peculiarities. - Dunedin: Fergusson & Mitchell, 1885.

12 p. : ill.


De Ricci, James Herman, 1847-1900.

A policy of shrinkage. - London: Bemrose, [1884]

16 p.


Railway sidings: Cletters by C.W. Kerr and others to the Evening Star, Dunedin] -[no imprint, Dunedin: 1885]

4 p.


Waimea Plains Railway Company.

The Waimea Plains railway: Correspondence between the New Zealand government and the ... Company relating to negotiations for the purchase of the railway. - Dunedin: Otago Daily Times, [1885]

14 p.


South Australian Land Nationalisation Society.

The extent of our taxation. The progress of our debt. The interest on our public debt. The public revenue & the public debt. Articles from the South Australian Advertiser, May 1884. - Adelaide: Printed at the Advertiser Office, 1884.

12 p. - (No.3)


South Australian Land Nationalisation Society. Annual meeting. - Kapunda: 1(1885)-?

1 (1885)


South Australian Land Nationalization Society. Second edition of the manifesto ... - Adelaide: W.K. Thomas, 1884.

32 p.


Land Nationalisation Society. Report. - London: 1881-1940. 1884/85

Other issues in vol. 56


Webster, William.

A lay sermon on the land. - Adelaide: Advertiser Printing Office, 1884.

10 p. - (South Australian Land Nationalization Society; 4)


Thomas, Charles S.

Exhibition inaugural cantata: New Zealand Industrial Arts Exhibition 1885. A lyrical ode, upon the love, the aim, and triumphs of labour. - Wellington: Lyon and Blair, [1885]

8 p.

Includes adverts.


New Zealand Industrial Exhibition, Wellingon, 1885.

Catalogue. - Wellington: Lyon & Blair, [1885]

96, ix p.

Art Section revised.

Also in vol. 61


Bowron, William.

The manufacture of cheese, butter and bacon in New Zealand. - Wellington: Govt. Printer, 1883.

32 p., 17 leaves of ill.

Issued incorporating Toxward, C.J. Specification ...


Toxward, C. Julius.

Specification for the erection and arrangement required for a dairy factory of 800 cows. - [Wellington: Govt. Printer, [gap — reason: illegible]

33 p., 11 fold. plans p.24-33 : for 200 cows.

Issued with Bowron, W. The manufacture of cheese, butter and bacon.

page 70

Kelly, John Liddell, 1850-1925.

The South Sea Islands: possibilities of trade with New Zealand. Notes on the situation, climate, products, population, government and commerce of the islands of Tonga, Samoa, Rarotonga, and Tahiti, with appendix of statistics, mail information, etc. - Auckland: H. Brett, 1885.

71 p.