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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: a catalogue with indexes

Volume 7

Volume 7


Australian Mutual Provident Society.

[Act of incorporation 1857, Act to amend the Act of incorporation 1873, Bye-laws 1873] - [Sydney: 1874?]


Apparently an extract from material issued for, or subsequent to, a meeting of the Society.


Mutual Benefit Building & Investment Society of Canterbury (Permanent)

Rules of the ... Society... established October 30, 1872. - Dunedin: Mills, Dick, 1873.

24 p.

Amended rules, 5 July 1875 (3 p.), bound in at back


Permanent Investment and Loan Association of Canterbury.

Rules ... - Christchurch: The Times Office, 1874.

35 P.

'As amended up to 25th June 1875'; p.31-35, amendments.


Permanent Equitable Building & Investment Society of Wellington.

Rules. - Wellington: Printed at the New Zealand Times Office, 1874.

28 p.


Permanent Equitable Building and Investment Society of Wellington.

Amended rules, as passed at a general meeting of shareholders ... January 12, 1875. - [Wellington: 1875]

6 p.


Manawatu Permanent Equitable Building & Investment Society.

Rules of the Manawatu Permanent Equitable Building & Investment Society. - Wellington: Lyon & Blair, 1376.

28 p.


Wellington Building Society (1873).

Rules ... - Wellington: Robert Burrett, 1874.

25 P.


Wellington and Hutt Building Society (1875).

Rules ... - Wellington: Lyon and Blair, 1875.

24 p.

Also in vol. 88


Canterbury Club.

Rules and regulations of the Canterbury Club, Christchurch. - Christchurch: Printed by G. Tombs, 1874.

14 p.


Wellington Athenaeum and Mechanics' Institute.

Rules of the Wellington Athenaeum and Mechanics' Institute Incorporation, November 11, 1875. - Wellington: James Hughes, 1875.

9 p.


Philosophical Institute of Canterbury.

Laws of the Philosophical Institute of Canterbury, founded 1862, incorporated 1868. Christchurch: Printed at the 'Times' Office, 1870.

15 p.


Methodist Church of New Zealand.

Model deed of conveyance of land, at Parnell, in trust, for the Society of people called Methodists, in New Zealand; enrolled in ... Supreme Court of New Zealand, at Auckland, this fourth day of November 1856. - Auckland: Printed by W.C. Wilson, 'Herald' Office, 1867.

41 p.


New Zealand Titanic Steel and Iron Company.

Memorandum and articles of association... Registered the 27th day of February 1873... - Wellington: Printed by T.M'Kenzie, 1873.

16 p.


Bank of New Zealand.

Deed of settlement of the Bank of New Zealand, dated 2nd July, 1861. Incorporated by Act of the General Assembly of New Zealand, passed 29th July, 1861. - Auckland: W.C. Wilson, Herald Office, 1866.

75 P.


New Zealand Shipping Company.

The New Zealand Shipping Company (Limited) Memorandum and articles of association as amended ... 20th June 1873. - Christchurch: Printed at the 'Times' Office, 1873.

53 p.

Copy interleaved with blank pages


Canterbury (Province). Laws, etc.

Land regulations of the Province of Canterbury, New Zealand. - Dunedin: Printed under the Authority of the Provincial Govt. by Mills, Dick, 1873.

60 p.

Also in vol. 32


Wellington (Province). Laws, etc.

Land regulations: a reprint of the laws now in force relating to the sale, disposal and occupation of waste lands in the Province of Wellington. Also, Regulations relative to special settlements and the sale of land on deferred payments... - Wellington: Printed by H. Blundell, [1872]

30 p.