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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: a catalogue with indexes

Volume 76

page 62

Volume 76


Australasian Federation League (Auckland Branch).

Report of public meeting held in the hall of the Y.M.C.A. on Wednesday evening, 12th July, 1899. - Auckland: Jas. McCullough, [1899]

48 p.


Otago University review. - Dunedin: Otago University Students' Association, 1(Aug 1888)-60(1947).

13no4(Sep 1899)


N.Z. Dept of Lands and Survey.

The Starborough settlement, Marlborough, New Zealand: particulars, terms and conditions of disposal and occupation of 33,621 acres, open on Monday, 13th March, 1899. - Wellington: Govt. Printer, 1899.

32 p. : ill., fold, map


Cooper, William, 1852

The Samoan question, and the decision of Chief Justice Chambers. - Auckland: Wilson and Horton, 1899.

28 p.

First published as articles in New Zealand Herald, 27 Jan - 2 March, 1899.


Hewitt, James Dudley Ryder.

The influence of electricity on the human race. - Wellington: Whitcombe & Tombs, 1899.

20 p.


Holmes, John, 1855

New Zealand hemp; report ... particulars relating to bonuses now offered. - Wellington: Govt. Printer, 1899.

24 p.

At head of title: New Zealand Department of Agriculture.

Tipped in at front: 2 p. New Zealand hemp, kauri-gum...[correspondence re alleged reflection on Holmes by Minister of Agriculture]


Rough, David, 1815-1899.

An octogenarian's recollections: incidents in the life of a native of Dundee. - Dundee: John Leng, 1899.

98 p.


Vaile, Samuel, 1828-1913.

Social problems. - Auckland: Upton, 1899.

94 p. : ill.


Carlile, William Warrand.

Democracy in New Zealand.

[298]-310 p.

Extract from Economic review, July 1899


Stout, Sir Robert, 1844-1930.

New Zealand. [539]-548 P. Extract from Contemporary review, Oct. 1899.


Grey, James Grattan, 1847-1931.

Freedom of thought & speech in New Zealand; a serious menace to liberty. Mr Seddon, Premier, and J. Grattan Grey, journalist: an interesting correspondence. No. 1. - Wellington: Printed at the City Printing Co., 1900.

21 p.


Ritchie, John Moore.

God's work by restored apostles; also an answer to Bishop Wallis, Diocese of Wellington, to his charge of spiritual error against this work. - Wellington: J. Moore Ritchie, 1900.



New Zealand Educational Institute.

Report of the annual meeting. - Dunedin [etc.]: 1(1884)

17 (1900)

To 189-? as Educational Institute of New Zealand.

Other issues in vols. 70 and 85


Bickerton, Alexander William, 1842-1929.

A summary of chapter xv of The romance of the heavens by ...: being the application of the theory of 'Constructive Impact' to cosmic evolution. - London: Swan Sonnenschein, [1900]

38 p.

MS note 'Revised for the Press by Prof Rutherford F R 5'.


Ross, John, 1833-1920.

Woman's sphere and influence and the female franchise: a reply to physiological arguments used by Sir Henry Wrixon in the Legislative Council, and by the conservative press, against granting the franchise to women. - Melbourne: J. Haase, [1900]

12 p.


Bickerton, Alexander William, 1842-1909. Cosmic evolution.

[216]-223 p. : ill.

Extract from The Philosophical magazine, August 1900.


Hoggins, Albany Charles.

An essay on prison reform. - Christchurch: Smith, Anthony, Sellars, 1901.

46 p.


Ward, Joseph Thomas, 1862-1927.

At the cross-roads. - [2 ed.] - Patea: James Kenworthy, 1901.

24 p.


McGregor, John, 1850-1936.

Industrial arbitration in New Zealand: is it a success? - Dunedin: Otago Daily Times, 1901.

22 p.

Reprinted from the Otago Daily Times. Also in vol. 81.


Ross, John, 1833-1920.

Federal and State banks, and currency reform. - Melbourne: J. Haase, [1901]

8 p.

Reprinted from The Age, March 23rd, 1901, with additions.


Elliot, Wilhelmina Sherriff (Bain), 1845?


Human betterment. - [Gisborne: Gisborne Times Office, 1901]

20 p.

Address delivered in various parts of New Zealand.


Fiji Fderal League.

Federation of Fiji with New Zealand. - Suva: G.L. Griffiths, 1901.

xvi, 77, 20 p.

Appendix: The opening of the Wainibokasi Hospital.


Holmes, John, 1855

Extension of trade and commerce: a paper read ... before the Conference of New Zealand Chambers of Commerce, at Wellington, on 6th February, 1902. - Wellington: New Zealand Times, 1902.

8 p.

Reprinted from New Zealand Times, 15 Feb. 1902.

page 63

Tregear, Edward, 1846-1931.

Industrial conciliation and arbitration in New Zealand; a reply to the articles published in the 'Otago Daily Times' by Mr John Macgregor ... against the labour laws. - Dunedin: Otago Liberal and Workman, 1902.

23 p.

Reprinted from the "Otago Liberal and Workman."


McNeur, George Hunter, 1874-1953.

Feeling the way in the Canton villages. - Dunedin: Otago Daily Times, 1902.

36 p. : ill.


Vaile, Samuel, 1828-1913.

The parliamentary debate on 'Vaile's stage system'. - Auckland: Abel, Dykes, [1902]

28 p.


Vaile, Samuel, 1828-1913.

The railways of New Zealand: paper read before the Congress of New Zealand Chambers of Commerce, 4th February, 1902. - Auckland: Brett Printing Co., [1902]

16 p.


Wall, Arnold, 1869-1966.

Poetry as a factor in education: an address delivered ... before the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science, 1902. - Christchurch: Whitcombe and Tombs, 1902.

20 p.


Woon, James Garland.

Wanganui old settlers. - Wanganui: H.I. Jones, 1902.

82 p. : ports.