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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: a catalogue with indexes

Volume 68

Volume 68


Russell, George Warren, 1854-1937.

Catechism of the duties of life, being lessons in conduct, intended for use in schools or in homes. - Cambridge: Waikato News Office, [1888]

76 p.

Proof edition.


New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Co. Ltd.

New Zealand dairy produce and the markets of Great Britain and Australia. - Dunedin: Otago Daily Times Office, 1888.

8 p.


National Association for Promoting State directed Colonization, London.

Scheme for colonization by pensioners, drawn up by a sub-committee ... [in two parts] To which is attached, Some considerations as to the benefit to be derived by the colony from settlements of pensioners, by Captain Daveney.

- Auckland: Printed by Wilsons and Horton,


14 p.

Contents. - 1. Capital. - 2. Colonial arrangements.


The cosmopolite series. - Dunedin: The Cosmopolite Association, 1 (Jan 1888) - ?

1-2 (Feb 1888)


N.Z. Parliament. House of Representatives.

The primary education system of New Zealand; debate on the education vote ... December 19, 1887. - Wellington: Govt. Printer, 1888.

60 p.


New Zealand Secondary Schools Conference,

Nelson, 1888.

New Zealand. Proceedings of the New Zealand Secondary Schools Conference, held at Nelson, January 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 1888.

Nelson: R. Lucas and Son, 188 8.

12 p.


Ashcroft, James, 1834-1911.

Ritualism and the rights of the people: being a lecture delivered at Roslyn on 5th July, 1888, with additions and alterations. - Dunedin: James Horsburgh, 1888.

32 p.


Brown, John Mainwaring, 1851-1888.

The wealth and annual production of New Zealand. - Dunedin: James Horsburgh, 1888. 24 p.

Revised version of text.


Carrington, Frederic Alonzo, 1807-1901.

A synoptical account of the making of the harbour at New Plymouth. - New Plymouth: Taranaki Herald Office, 1888.

16 p.


Colenso, William, 1811-1899.

Fifty years ago in New Zealand. A commemoration: a jubilee paper: a retrospect: a plain and true story. Read before the Hawke's Bay Philosophical Institute, October 17th, 1887. - Napier: Printed by R.C. Harding, 1888.

49 p. : plates


Denniston, Thomas, 1821-1897.

Ireland's wrongs righted, or, The present against the past: a lecture delivered in Ramsay's Hall, Invercargill, 14th September, 1888, in reply to a lecture on Ireland's wrongs, by the Rev. F.W. Isitt. - Invercargill: Erskine, 1888.

35 p.


Dougall, William.

'Far south': Stewart Island, The Snares, Auckland, Campbell, Antipodes and Bounty Islands. - Invercargill: 1888.

22 p.


Hodgkinson, Samuel, 1817-1914.

Some suggestions on reform of local government and decentralisation of Parliament. - Invercargill: Southland Times Company, 1888.

[6] p.


N.Z. Parliament. House of Representatives.

Privilege: Mr Larnach, M.H.R., and the 'New Zealand Herald'. Debate in the House of Representatives, on Tuesday 14th August 1888. - Wellington: CGovt. Printer], 1888.

11 p.


Napier, William Joseph, 1857-1925.

Point Resolution land purchase Royal Commission; Mr W.J. Napier's speech. - Auckland: W. McCullough, 1888.

27 p.


Taiwhanga, Sydney David, 1840?-1890.

Proposals ... for the colonization and settlement of Maori lands. - Wellington: Edwards, 1888.

20 p.

English and Maori.

Maori section has title: Nga tikanga ... mo to whaka kainga whakanoho tangata ki runga i nga whenua Maori.

Williams no. 761


Salmond, William, 1835-1917.

The reign of grace; a discussion of the question in the possibility of salvation for all men in this life. - Dunedin: J. Horsburgh,


61 p.


Thomas, Algernon Phillips Withiel, 1856-1937.

Report on the eruption of Tarawera and Rotomahana, N.Z. - Wellington: Govt. Print.,


74 p. : ill., fold. maps

page 52

Whitmore, Sir George Stoddart, 1830-1903.

Patriotic speech ... [on 1 August 1888] on behalf of those who defended New Zealand at a time of national danger. - Wellington: S. Clapham, [1888]

8 p.


Buller, Sir Walter Lawry, 1838-1906.

Note on the wandering albatross (Diomeda exulans).

[341]-342 p.

Extract from Transactions of the New Zealand Institute, 1889.


New Zealand and South Seas Exhibition, 1889-1890, Dunedin.

Canterbury (New Zealand): its resources and progress, 1889. - Christchurch: Lyttelton Times Office, [1889]

53 p.


Co-operative Land Settlement Company. Memorandum and articles of association. - Dunedin: Matthews, Baxter & Co., 1889.

22 p.

Cover title.


Long, James.

Reports on the relation of dairy produce of New Zealand to the English market, together with practical hints on cheese-making. - Wellington: Govt. Printer, 1889.

108 p.


New Zealand Secondary Schools Conference.

The New Zealand Secondary Schools Conference (Nelson 1888, Christchurch 1889) [Constitution] - Christchurch: Whitcombe and Tombs, [1889]

8 p.


Canterbury College.

The School of Engineering; report of chairman read at a meeting of the Board of Governors of the Canterbury College, on the 28th October 1889. - Christchurch: 'Lyttelton Times'

Office, 1889.

8 p.


Industrial Protection League of New Zealand.

Report of proceedings of the first annual conference ... held on June 6th [to] ... 12th, 1889 in the Cafe de Paris, Christchurch, New Zealand. - Christchurch: 'Lyttelton Times' Office, 1889.

8 p.


Zealandia; a monthly magazine of general New Zealand literature by New Zealand authors. - Dunedin: 1(Jul 1889)-no12(Jun 1890).

lnoi(Jul 1889)


Ashcroft, James, 1834-1911.

The auriferous resources of Otago and Southland, with some reference to other minerals: a lecture delivered at Invercargill and Dunedin. - Dunedin: Otago Daily Times Office, 1889.

24 p.


Grant, James Gordon Stuart, 1838-1902. George Augustus Selwyn. - Dunedin: Tablet Printing Co., 1889.

16 p.


Joyce, Alexander, 1841-1927.

Land ho!! a pamphlet advocating the re-purchase and settlement of the large freehold blocks. - Christchurch: Simpson & Williams, 1889.

30 p.


A discussion on earthquakes & architecture before the Philosophical Society, Wellington. - Wellington: Lyon and Blair, Printers,


19 p.

Chiefly: The late earthquake and its bearings on the architecture of Wellington, by W.M. Maskell [and] Earthquakes and architecture, by Thomas Turnbull.


Mason, Edmund.

An address to the members of New Zealand Friendly Societies, delivered on Monday, 8th July, 1889, in the Exchange Hall, Wellington. - Dunedin: Evening Star Works, 1889.

8 p.


Prince, Walter.

Diary of a trip from Lake Te Anau to Sutherland Falls. - Christchurch: Lyttelton Times Office, [1889]

20 p.


Russell, George Warren, 1854-1937.

The N.Z. railways, effects on trade and progress: being a paper read [to the] Canterbury Industrial Association.

10 p.

Reprinted from Lyttelton Times 22 May 1889.


Harris, Edward Francis, 1834-1898.

A few short views of the native land laws, as they principally affect the native race; being the subject of a letter to James Carroll, M.H.R. for the East Coast Maori electoral district. - Gisborne: Herald Office, 1889.

14 p.


Vaile, Samuel.

Railways and social conditions; the Vailestage system as proposed for adoption in Great Britain, the Colonies, and similar countries, described and illustrated by a diagram. - Auckland: Printed by Brett, 1890-94.

lv. (various pagings)

Cover title

Appendix: The railway problem in New Zealand. - Auckland, Wilsons and Horton, [1890]

Contents of appendix: The railway problem in New Zealand; introductory. - Differential rating. - No.1 [and 2]. - No.3 [and 5-9]

Appendix only.

Full work in vol. 72