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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: a catalogue with indexes

Volume 62

Volume 62


Clayden, Arthur.

British colonisation: a colonial want and an Imperial necessity. A lecture delivered under the auspices of the Balloon Society of Great Britain ... August 7th, 1891 ... With an appendix giving statistics of the various British colonies, together with suggestions for a British settlement in New Zealand on cooperative principles, and various reprints. - London: James Clarke, [1891]

40 p.


Moore, John Murray.

The New Zealand of to-day.

18-39 p. : map

Extract from The Journal of the Manchester Geographical Society [1891]


Perceval, Sir Westby Brook, 1854-1928.

Statement of the productions of New Zealand. - London: William Clowes, [1891]

23 p.


Brown, John Mainwaring, 1851-1888.

The wealth and annual production of New Zealand: a paper read before the Otago Branch of the New Zealand Institute. - Dunedin: Otago Daily Times Office, 1888.

8 p.


Connolly, John Darcey.

Commerce and resources of New Zealand. 21-62 p.

Manuscript note 'Proof copy'

Extract from U.S. consular reports of 1889.


Murphy, Michael, 1833?-1914.

The general aspect of agriculture throughout the world, but chiefly with reference to New Zealand ... - Christchurch: Lyttelton Times, 1890.

23 p.


Bell, Charles Napier, 1835-1906.

Westport harbour works: report on the progress & condition of the works ... October, 1891. - Westport: Star Office, 1891.

13 p.


Spawn, A.F.

Fruit-growing, and what it will do for New Zealand.

- Wellington: Govt. Printer, 1890. 16 p.


Canterbury Chamber of Commerce.

New Zealand. Two addresses by the President of the Chamber of Commerce, Canterbury, New Zealand, in 1886 and 1889. - London: W. Clowes, 1890.

15 p.

1886, by G.G. Stead; 1889, by A. Kaye. Also in vol. 23


Randerson, John Richard.

Maoriland, the Britain of the South: lectures ... while on a visit to England. - London: Fleet Printing Works, 1892.

63 p.


Perceval, Sir Westby Brook, 1854-1928. Farming & labour in New Zealand. - London: Lake & Sison [1893]

59 p. : fold. map

Also in vol. 71


Perceval, Sir Westby Brook, 1854-1928.

New Zealand: a paper read before the Royal Colonial Institute, May 10, 1892. - London: Spottiswoode, [1892]

40 p.

Reprinted from the Proceedings of the Institute.


Perceval, Sir Westby Brook, 1854-1928.

Land in sight: being a little about the Land Acts, land settlement conditions, and the new land regulations. - Christchurch: E. Norton Taylor, [1891]

64 p.


Hanlon, Lionel.

First annual report of the pomologist, with report on shipment of fruit by S.S. 'Tainui' in March 1892. - Wellington: Govt. Printer, 1892.

13 p

At head of title: New Zealand Department of Agriculture.


Hanlon, Lionel.

Spraying fruit-trees, etc. - Wellington: Govt. Printer, 1892.

15 p.

At head of title: New Zealand Department of Agriculture. John D. Ritchie, Secretary.


Conference of Delegates from Agricultural Societies, Christchurch, 1892.

Report of the Conference of delegates from Agricultural societies throughout New Zealand 'held in ... Christchurch ... 1892 ... - Christchurch: The Press, [1892]

30 p.

First Conference of the Agricultural and Pastoral Associations of New Zealand.


Main, George Martin, 1835-1902.

The newspaper press of Auckland. - Auckland: Wilsons and Horton, 1891. 6 p.



Canterbury Employers' Association.

Report of Executive, October 31, 1891, and Address by the president, G.T. Booth. - Christchurch: The Press, [1891]

8 p.


Young, Norwood.

The Labour Party in New Zealand. - Wellington: Lyon & Blair, [1892]

8 p.

Reprinted from National Review, July 1892.

Volume 62 contd.

page 47

Royal Colonial Institute.

Journal. - London: 22(1890/91)-41nol(Dec


Monthly edition of its Proceedings. 23no2(Jan 1892)

23no7(Jun 1892)


Braddon, Sir Edward, 1829-1904.

Australasia: a vindication.

75-115 p.

In Journal of the Royal Colonial Institute, 1891-92, no.2, January 1892.


Perceval, Sir Westby Brook, 1854-1928.

New Zealand.

420-469 p.

In Journal of the Royal Colonial Institute, 1891-92, no.7, June 1892.