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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: a catalogue with indexes

Volume 48

Volume 48


Gladstone, William Evart, 1809-1898.

Political speeches in Scotland, November and December 1879. - Edinburgh: Elliot, 1879. 103 p.


Industrial Exhibition, Christchurch.

Report ... July 15 to 21 inclusive, 1880. - Christchurch: Times Office, 1880.

30 p.


Guthrie & Larnach's New Zealand Timber and Woodware Factories Company.

New Zealand manufactures in native timbers, with description thereof. - Dunedin: 'Daily Times' Office, 1879.

[4] p.

Advertising leaflet


International Exhibition, Sydney, 1879.

New Zealand court; official catalogue of exhibits. - Sydney: Printed for the New Zealand Commissioners by Foster & Fairfax, [1879]

71 p.


Dunedin Industrial Exhibition 1881.

Catalogue of exhibits. - Dunedin: Fergusson and Mitchell, [1881]

63 p.

Also in vols. 2 and 23


Crombie, Charles Melville, 1837-1894.

A guide to the Property Assessment Act, 1879. - Wellington: Lyon and Blair, 1880. 30 p.


Johnston, Alexander James, 1820-1888.

A lecture on the influence of art upon human happiness, delivered ... at Napier, New Zealand, on the evening of Wednesday, 9th October, 1861. - Napier: James Wood, 1861.

29 p.


Lacy, George, 1844

Co-operation, the social equaliser, the pacificator of all antagonism between capital and labour, the goal of all industrial enterprise: an essay addressed to the working men and women of New South Wales. - Sydney: Turner and Henderson, 1880.

20 p.


McKinney, Robert, 1826?-1905.

Ireland: a historical sketch explanatory of the past & present condition of the country. - Auckland: Wilsons & Horton, 1881.

19 p.


Kinnear, John Boyd, 1828-1920.

Ireland. - London: Smith, Elder, 1880. 36 p.

page 38

Sullivan, Alexander Martin, 1830-1884.

Trial of the Land Leaguers; splendid speech for the defence. - Wellington: Whitaker Bros. Catholic Book Depot, 1881.

15 p.

Copy lacks cover title


The Graphic.

Extract from the Graphic, May 29th 1880 [Preface by Thomas Chambers] - [no imprint, London: 1880]

4 p.

Marriage with a Deceased Wife's Sister Bill.


Cockburn, Sir Alexander James Edmund, 1802.


Marriage with a Deceased wife's sister; speech of the late ... Lord Chief Justice of England, delivered in the House of Commons, Wednesday March 6, 1850, on the second reading of the bill for legalizing marriage with a deceased wife's sister. - London: C. Buck, [1880]

8 p.


An Antiquary.

An historical view of the restrictions upon marriage, especially in relation to England; with the true reasons why marriage with the sister of a deceased wife was prohibited. - London: S. Golbourn, 1880.

30 p.


Dunedin Chamber of Commerce.

Annual report. - Dunedin: 18 -1886; [ns]1(1887).


Other issues in vols. 15, 27, 40, 53, 58, 60 and 84


Caledonian Society of Otago.

Annual report and balance sheet. - Dunedin:



Includes Report of Society's evening classes Also in vol. 40


Sealy, Henry John.

Are we to stay here? A paper on the New Zealand public works policy of 1870, considered specially with reference to the question of the settlement of the Crown lands, and the incidence of taxation by a Colonist of 22 years standing. - [Lyttelton: Lyttelton Times Company, 1881]

84 p.

Paper read to the Timaru Debating Society Also in vol. 46


Bickerton, Alexander William, 1842-1929.

University reform: the inaugural address for 1881 delivered at Canterbury College, New Zealand University. - Christchurch: G. Tombs, 1881.

21 p.


Smith, H. Selwyn

The New Zealand Shipping Company Limited, and the late General Manager: a letter to the shareholders. - Sydney: John Woods, 1880.

19 p.


Griffiths, Christopher James Whitney, plaintiff.

Griffiths v. Johnson libel case, heard at the Supreme Court, Blenheim, on ... December 17th and 18th, 1880. - Blenheim: Marlborough Express [1880]

15 p.

Also in vols. 2 and 64


The Unity of the Church of Christ, broken by schism, and its restoration by Apostles.

The call of Paul and Barnabas, foreshadowing the call of a Gentile apostleship now. The sheaf of firstfruits and the harvest. Three sermons preached in the Catholic Apostolic Church, Webb Street, Wellington, N.Z., on its being opened for divine service, November 1880. - Wellington: Edwards and Green, 1881.

22 p.


The key; a series of communications bearing on the spiritual philosophy, by - Melbourne: W.H. Terry, 1881.

40 p.


Adams, Robert Noble.

Nebuchadnezzar's dream; or, Britain, the universal and last empire. - Dunedin: [Otago Daily Times], 1881.

35 p. : map


Congreve, Richard, 1818-1899.

Religion of humanity; the annual address delivered at the Positivist School ... (January 1, 1880). - London: C. Kegan Paul, 1880.

27 p.


Ingersoll, Robert Green, 1833-1899.

What must we do to be saved? A lecture. Dunedin: Braithwaite, 1881.

18 p.

Reprinted from the Chicago Tribune. Also in vol. 87


Ingersoll, Robert Green, 1833-1899.

Hereafter [and Christian religion, by Whung Chung Foo, with A letter from Prof. J. Syphers].

- [no imprint, 1880?]

12 p.


Ingersoll, Robert Green, 1833-1899.

The gods [abridgement of a lecture] - [no imprint, ca.1880?]

8 p.


Ingersoll, Robert Green, 1833-1899.

Ingersoll's latest oration on Thomas Paine.

- [no imprint, London? ca.1881?]

14 p.

Also in vol. 53


A chip of the old Evangelical block.

The finding, hunting & running to earth of the ritualistic fox; a tract for all places infested by this animal, by A chip of the old

Evangelical block. - Dunedin: Otago Bible, Tract and Book Society, 1881.

4 p.


Nicholson, John, 1839-1909.

The means of escape; or, Existing evils and their cure. - Liverpool: William Budge at the Latter-day Saints' Printing, Publishing, and Emigration Office, [1878]

4 p.

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