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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: a catalogue with indexes

Volume 4

Volume 4


Campbell-Walker, Inches, 1841-1911.

State forestry: its aim and object; a paper read before the Otago Institute, Dunedin, December 21st, 1876. - Dunedin: Daily Times Office, [1876]

16 p.


Stout, Sir Robert, 1844-1930.

Abolition of Provinces Bill [speech in the House of Representatives, Sept. 9 1875] 273-288 p.

Extract from N.Z. Parliament. Parliamentary debates, 1875.

Also in Personal vol.


Bacon, Francis, Viscount St. Albans, 1561-1626.

Essays, moral, economical, and political; with a memoir of the author. - Edinburgh: Chambers, 1853.

40 p - CPeople's edition]


Combe, George, 1788-1858.

Moral philosophy; or, The duties of man considered in his individual, domestic, and social capacities. - 3 ed., revised, corrected and enlarged. - Edinburgh: Maclachlan and Stewart, 1859.

116 p.


Watson, John Forbes, 1827-1892.

The proposed Imperial Museum for India and the colonies; from 'The Times', 7th July 1876. - [London: 1876]

4 p.

Caption title.


Watson, John Forbes, 1827-1892.

The Imperial Museum for India and the colonies; with a plan showing the proposed site on the Thames embankment. - London: Wm. H. Allen, 1876.

62 p. : ill., fold. map


The proposed Imperial Museum for India and the colonies: opinions of the press. - London: Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1876.

33 p.


Nayler, B.S.

Bones to pick. - Stawell: 1874.

[12] p.

Caption title.


Dupuy, Charles Meredith, 1823-1898.

Work for the workers; wealth to the nation. - Philadelphia: Baird, 1876.

15 p.


Burton, O.F.

The curse of gold, and the philosophy of currency. - New York: Ennis Brothers, 1876.

23 p.


Baird, Henry Carey, 1825-1912.

The British credit system: inflated bank credit as a substitute for 'current money of the realm'; the way 'to pay debts without moneys' and to make 'the rich richer and the poor poorer'. - Philadelphia: Henry Carey Baird, 1875.

14 p.


Baird, Henry Carey, 1825-1912.

Germany: the crime of incompetent governorship, as illustrated by the recent financial and monetary history of Germany. - Philadelphia: Henry Carey Baird, 1875.

8 p.


Wolcott, Royal L., 1832.

Solution of the money question. - [New York: 1875]

[2] p.

Advertising leaflet.


Baird, Henry Carey, 1825-1912.

Criticisms on the recent financial policies of the United States and France, including an attempt to explain the cause of the present prostrate condition of the southern states. - Philadelphia: Henry Carey Baird, 1875.

16 p.