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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: a catalogue with indexes

Volume 43

Volume 43


Wharton, Francis, 1820-1889.

Disputed questions of evidence; relevancy: presumptions of law and presumptions of fact. - St. Louis: G.I. Jones, 1877.

28 p.

Reprinted from the Southern law review


Bishop, Joel Prentiss, 1814-1901.

Tweed's case: cumulative sentences. - St. Louis: G.I. Jones, 1877.

14 p.

Reprinted from the Southern law review. Caption title: A brace of noted cases; namely Stokes's case and Tweed's case


Lawson, John Davison, 1852-1921.

The civil remedy for injuries arising from the sale or gift of intoxicating liquors. - St. Louis: Central Law Journal, 1877.

52 p.


Cooley, Thomas McIntyre, 1824-1898.

Liability of public officers to private actions for neglect of official duty. - St. Louis: G.I. Jones, 1877.

24 p.

Reprinted from Southern Law Review, St. Louis.


Wharton, Francis, 1820-1889.

Liability of railroad companies for remote fires.

729-747 p.

Extract, possibly from the Southern law review, 1877


Cooley, Thomas McIntyre, 1824-1895.

Effects of a change in the law upon rights of action and defences. - St. Louis: Jones, 1877.

19 p.

Reprinted from Southern Law Review:


Wharton, Francis, 1820-1889.

The law of domicil, considered with special reference to the commercial relations, taxes, succession to estates. - St. Louis: G.I. Jones, 1877.

27 p.


Bump, Orlando Franklin, 1841-1894.

Composition in bankruptcy. - St. Louis: G.I. Jones, 1877.

48 p.


Bousfield, Sir William, 1842

The government of the Empire: a consideration of means for the representation of the British colonies in an Imperial parliament. - London: Stanford, 1877.

64 p.


Lecoy, A.

New Zealand State forests: a mode of transaction (modus operandi) combining their conservation and improvement with financial advantages. - Wellington: Lyon and Blair, 1878.

24 p.

page 36

Potts, Thomas Henry, 1824-1888.

National domains. - [Christchurch: 1878]

7 p.

Reprinted from The New Zealand country journal.