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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: a catalogue with indexes

Volume 42

Volume 42


Otago Boys' High School.

Rector's report. - Dunedin: 18 - To 187-? as Annual report.


Also in vol. 40

Other issues in vols. 31 and 85


Educational Institute of Otago.

Annual report. - Dunedin: 1(1877/78)--?


Other issues in vols. 27, 46, 67, 69, 70, 72, 73, 75 and 83


Wellington College.

Annual report. - Wellington. 1876


Dalrymple, William, 1799?-1882.

The school penny bank: for the public schools of New Zealand from an educational point of view. - Dunedin: Fergusson & Mitchell, 1879.

18 p.


Dalrymple, Louise White, 1827-1906.

The kindergarten, being a brief sketch of Frobel's system of infant education: respectfully inscribed to the Honourable the Ministry and the Members of both Houses of the Legislature of New Zealand. - Dunedin: Daily Times Office, [1879]

8 p.


Turner, Thomas, f1.1858-1876.

Educational legislation; or, The School Acts manual. Third issue: Elementary education act 1873 [and other acts] - London: Central School-Depot, 1876.

96 p.


Ontario. Education Dept.

Speeches of the Hon. Adam Crooks, Minister of Education, I. On moving the second reading of the Bill respecting ... schools, February 18th, 1879; II. also on moving the adoption of the estimates ... III. Also general circular showing the effect of the amendments in the law. - Toronto: C. Blackett Robinson printer, 1879.

48 p.


University of Otago.

Calendar. - Dunedin:


Other issues in vol. 29


Grant, James Gordon Stuart, 1838-1902.

The theory of education. - Dunedin: Coulls & Culling, [1879?]

8 p.


Stout, Sir Robert, 1844-1930.

Address on education; delivered ... at the meeting of the [Otago Educational] Institute held on the 15th April, 1879. - Wellington: Lyon and Blair, 1879.

27 p.

Also in Personal vol.


Stout, Sir Robert, 1844-1930.

Can morals be taught in secular schools? A paper read before the Otago Educational Institute on the 24th April, 1878. - Dunedin: Daily Times Office, 1878.

8 p.

Also in Personal vol.


Park, John Brown.

The Bible in schools; read at the ordinary meeting of the Otago Schoolmasters' Association 7th September, 1872. - Dunedin: Coulls & Culling, 1879.

8 p.


Rae, Henry Richardson, d.1914.

Religious instruction in State schools: letters by X.Y.Z., reprinted from West Coast Times, Hokitika, N.Z. - Hokitika; Reid [1878]

12 p.


Britten, Emma Hardinge, d.1899.

The Bible in schools. - Dunedin: Saturday Advertiser Office, [1879?]

11 p.


Rutherford, Robert.

The Bible in the Schools. - [no imprint, Dunedin: ca.1880]



Stout, Sir Robert, 1844 -1930.

Inspiration; the inaugural address of the President of the Freethought Association, Dunedin ... delivered eleventh ... February 1880. Dedicated to Francis Ellingwood Abbott, editor of the Index, Boston. - Dunedin: J. Braithwaite, 1880.

8 p.

Copy lacks cover-title


Marsdan, T.E.

The Bible, or freethought? A review of Mr R. Stout's lecture on inspiration. - Daily Times Office, 1880.

32 p.


Ingersoll, Robert Green, 1833-1899.

'Mistakes of Moses'. Robt G. Ingersoll'. last brilliant effort, lately delivered Chicago, replete with wit, sarcasm, and audacity. - Dunedin: Braithwaite,[1878]

16 p.

page 35


The facts of Moses in reference to creation, versus the fallacies of Ingersoll in reference to the Pentateuch. - Dunedin: 1879.

20 p.


Dungan, David Roberts, 1837-1920.

Ingersoll's mistakes about Moses. Dunedin: Mackay, Bracken, 1880.

18 p.


Ingersoll, Robert Green, 1833-1899.

Skulls; or, Man, woman, and child, by the author of 'Moses' mistakes': Ingersoll's latest. - Dunedin: Braithwaite, [1879?]

23 p.

Also in vol. 87


Bright, Charles, 1832-1903.

Rationalism versus dogma; two lectures ... in review of Archbishop Vaughan's Lenten discourses. - Sydney: George Robertson, 1879.

48 p.

Also in vol. 86


Strong, Charles, 1844-1942.

Present troubles in the Church and what they teach us: sermon [on Galatians v. 1] Melbourne: Samuel Muller, 1879.

11 p.

Copy lacks title-page

Also in vol. 87


Chiniquy, Charles Pascal Telesphore, 1809-1887.

The Chiniquy lectures, delivered in the Protestant Hall, Sydney. - Dunedin: Coulls and Culling, [1878]

48 p.

Also in vol. 87


Chiniquy, Charles Pascal Telesphore, 1809-1887.

A full account of the Hobart Town riots. - Dunedin: Graham, [1879]

37 p.

Copy lacks cover-title


Davis, Joseph Upton.

Plain talks to young men on 'Being out of work'; 'Business is business'; 'Push'; 'Gambling'; 'Doing well for oneself'. - Dunedin: Horsburgh, 1880.

24 p.

April 11th, 18th, 25th, May 2nd and 9th, 1880.


Bright, Charles, 1832-1903.

Man, or God? an abstract of two lectures delivered at the Princess Theatre ... in reply to a course of lectures by Professor Salmond. - Dunedin: 'The Age' Office, 1878.

8 p.

Published by the Committee of the Free-thought Associaiton.

Also in vol. 29


Congreve, Richard, 1818-1899.

Religion of humanity; the annual address delivered at the Positivist School ... January 1, 1879. - London: C. Kegan Paul, 1879.

32 p.


Thoughts on theism, with suggestions towards a public religious service in harmony with modern science and philosophy. - 6th thousand, rev. and enl. - London: Trabner, 1879.

73 p.


The New Catholic Church. - 3 ed., rev.

London: Trabner, 1868.

24 p.

Signed Amicus


A Spiritualist.

Spiritualism. Addressed to the Synod of the Presbyterian Church of Otago and Southland. - Dunedin: G. Watson, 1870.

8 p.

'Second edition'

Also in vol. 18


Grant, James Gordon Stuart, 1838-1902. The centenary of Thomas Chalmers; an oration. - Dunedin: Coulls and Culling, 1880.

8 p.