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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: a catalogue with indexes

Volume 32

Volume 32


Mclndoe, James, 1824-1905.

A sketch of Otago from the initiation of the settlement to the abolition of the Province. - Dunedin: R.T. Wheeler, 1878.

152 p.: fold tables

Includes advertising matter.

Copy incomplete


Stout, Sir Robert, 1844-1930.

Address to the electors of the Caversham electoral district ... delivered in the Forbury schoolhouse, on Friday, August 6, 1875. - Dunedin: Guardian Co. [1875]

8 p.

Copy lacks cover title

Also in vols. 8, 64 and Personal


Stout, Sir Robert, 1844-1930.

The future: a lecture ... in aid of the Widows' and Orphans' Fund of the Loyal Leith Lodge. - Dunedin: Guardian Printing, 1875.

8 p.

Also in vols. 31 and Personal


Purnell, Charles William, 1843-1926.

The New Zealand Confederation: an enquiry into the present state of political affairs, with suggestions as to the best form of government for the colony. - Dunedin: R.T. Wheeler, 1877.

32 p.

Also in vol. 24


Chapman, Henry Samuel, 1803-1881.

Specimens of fossilised words; or, Obsolete roots embedded in modern compounds; with some old words with new meanings. - Dunedin: Reith & Wilkie, 1876.

47 p.


Macgregor, Angus.

Testimonials. - Dunedin: Printed by Reith and Nicolson, [1869?]

8 p.

Caption title


Marriage Law Reform Association, London.

Deputation to the Earl of Carnarvon (April 3rd, 1876) on the subject of acts passed in the colonies of South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, and Queensland, for legalizing marriage with a deceased wife's sister. - [London: 1876]

15 p.

Also in vol. 12


Johnston, Alexander James, 1820-1888.

Notes on Maori matters. - Auckland: 1860.

43 p.


Rees, William Lee; 1836-1912.

The coming crisis; a sketch of the financial and political condition of New Zealand, with the causes and probable results of that condition. - Auckland: Reed and Brett, Printers, 1874.

49 p.

Also in vol. 63


Dunedin Chamber of Commerce.

Report of Committee appointed to report upon the existing bankruptcy laws, presented at the annual meeting of the Chamber, ... June 8th, 1876. - [no imprint; Dunedin: 1876]

6 p.

Caption title


Every, Simon Frederick, 1804-1888.

Observations respecting the proposed railway down the side of the harbour, extending from its junction with the Ocean Beach railway to Portobello. - Dunedin: Mills, Dick, 1876.

6 p.

Also in vol. 26


Kaitangata Railway & Coal Company.

The Kaitangata Railway & Coal Company, Limited: Copy leases of their mines at Kaitangata. - Dunedin: Fergusson & Mitchell, [1875]

21 p.


Blair, William Newsham, 1840-1891.

The Kaitangata Railway & Coal Company limited; report and valuation of railway. - Dunedin: Fergusson & Mitchell, [1876]

7 p.

page 27

Dunedin Water Works Company.

Statement by the directors ... with reference to the various negotiations between the corporation and the company for the purchase of the company's works and plant. May 16, 1874. - Dunedin: 'Daily Times' Office, 1874.

15 p.


Canterbury (Province) Laws, statutes, etc.

Land regulations of the Province of Canterbury, New Zealand. - Dunedin: Printed under the Authority of the Provincial Govt. by Mills, Dick, 1873.

60 p.

Also in vol. 7


Wellington Education Board.

Temporary rules and regulations. Wellington: W. Lyon, 1872.

6 p.


Moriarty, Edward Oppen, 1824-1896.

Report on the proposed improvement of the Grey river. - Sydney: Leigh, 1874.

17 p. : fold map


Colonial Bank of New Zealand.

[Report of directors and extract from minutes of the general meeting ... 28th July, 1875. - Dunedin: 1875.

xxiv p.

Includes List of shareholders Tipped in: Reprinted newspaper report of meeting.


Grey, Sir George, 1812-1896.

Address ... in the Choral Hall, Symonds Street, Auckland, Monday, March 22, 1875; the address to the electors of the Province of Auckland, delivered from the hustings on the nomination for the Superintendency, Wednesday, March 24, 1875; the address to the electors of Auckland City West ... on the nomination of a member of the General Assembly, Saturday, March 27, 1875. - Auckland: Herald Office [1875]

19 p.


Vogel, Sir Julius, 1835-1899.

Correspondence between the Hon. the Premier of New Zealand, and His Honor the Superintendent of Otago, relative to the proposed abolition of the provinces. - Dunedin: Mills, Dick, [1876?]

36 p.

Also in vol. 24


Connell, John Aitken, 1841-1891.

The land question: a lecture ... delivered at the Athenaeum, Dunedin, Thursday, June 1, 1876. - Dunedin: Reith and Wilkie, 1876.

23 p.


Beadon, George, 1810.

Piako. - Auckland: Printed at the Herald Office, 1876.

21 p.: fold map

Copy lacks cover title


A native on abolition. - [no imprint, 1875]

10 p.

Signed An attentive watcher of passing events.


Dalrymple, William, 1799?-1882.

The study of economics, and savings-bank in the school: a plea for economics theoretic and practical, being the prospectus of an Association. - Dunedin: Fergusson &

Mitchell, [1877?]

27 p.

Also in vol. 24


Fitch, Sir Joshua Girling, 1824-1903.

The savings-bank in the school; an economic experiment at Ghent, adapted to New Zealand [by W. Dalrymple] (from 'Macmillan's magazine') and issued by the Society for Encouraging Habits of Thrift among the young people of the colony. - London: Harrison, 1875.

12 p.


Stewart, William Downie, 1842-1898.

English & American law; a lecture delivered to the Otago Law Students' Society on 24th June 1876. Published by request (revised). - Dunedin: Printed at the 'Guardian' and 'Evening News' Office, 1876.

24 p.

Copy lacks cover title


Fitchett, Alfred Robertson, 1836-1929.

The ethics of evolution; or, The relation of the doctrine of development to theism and Christianity: a lecture delivered on behalf of the Dunedin Athenaeum. - Dunedin: Mills, Dick, 1876.

20 p.

Copy lacks cover title

Also in vol. 31