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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: a catalogue with indexes

Volume 29

Volume 29


Huxley, Thomas Henry, 1825-1895.

The direct evidences of evolution; three lectures in New York, September 18, 20, & 22. -[Dunedin? 1877]

36 p.: ill.

Preface by W.A.L. [i.e.Low] dated from The Amuri.

Also in vol. 31


Wallace, Alfred Russell, 1823-1913.

A defence of modern spiritualism [and Modern mysteries, by Henry M. Dunphy] - Dunedin: Mills, Dick, 1874.

49 p.

Also in vols. 9 and 31


Fellows, Charles.

The finances of New Zealand, by Master Humphrey [pseud.] - Dunedin: Mills, Dick and Co., 1872.

21 p.

Also in vols. 15, 19 and 26


Wakefield, Edward Jerningham, 1820-1879.

The taxes in New Zealand: who pays? who doesn't pay? who ought to pay? A handbook of taxation reform. - Christchurch: Times Office, 1878.

47 p.


Dunedin City Council.

Correspondence and legal opinions concerning street levels, &c. September 1878. - Dunedin: Matthews, Baxter and Co., 1878.

16 p.


Thomas, Edward Croft Greenway.

Ryotwarry: a solution of the Maori land question. - Auckland: William Atkin, 1878.

16 p.


Thomas, Edward Croft Greenway.

Riotewari: he kupu whakamarama mo nga raruraru o nga whenua Maori na E.G.S. Tamati. - Nelson: R. Lucas, 1878.

11 p.


Macandrew, James, 1820-1887.

Address to the people of Otago. - Dunedin: Mills, Dick, 1875.

15 P.

Cover title

Also in vols. 23 and 24


Adams, William Acton Blakeway, 1843-1924.

The Nelson & West Coast section of the main trunk railway of New Zealand: a letter to the Hon. James MacAndrew 1878. - Nelson:

R. Lucas, 1878.

15 P.

Also in vol. 15


Bright, Charles, 1832-1903.

Man, or God? an abstract of two lectures delivered at the Princess Theatre ... in reply to a course of lectures by Professor Salmond. - Dunedin: 'The Age' Office, 1878.

8 p.

Published by the Committee of the Free-thought Association.

Also in vol. 42

Volume 29 contd.


Early Closing Association.

[Report of a meeting. - Dunedin: 1878] 4 p.


New Zealand country journal; a record of information connected with agricultural, pastoral, and horticultural pursuits, and rural sports in New Zealand. - Christchurch: Canterbury Agricultural and Pastoral Association, 1(Jan 1877)-23no6(Nov 1898). 1no3(Jul 18771


Grant, James Gordon Stuart, 1838-1902.

The Bee. - Dunedin: Coulls and Culling, [1877?]

16 p.

A collection of prose and verse extracts with brief comments on recently published books.

Copy lacks cover-title


May young England smoke? A modern question, medically and socially considered. - London: S.W. Partridge & Co., [1871?]

32 p.

Title page misprints publisher's name 'Partdrige'


Orkney and Zetland Association.

Report. - Edinburgh: 1(1870)-?


Other issues in vols. 46, 58 and 60.


Manchester Unity Independent Order of Oddfellows. Otago District Committee.

Report of proceedings, annual meeting. - Dunedin: 18 -?


Other issues in vol. 36


Independent Order of Oddfellows of New Zealand. Grand Lodge.

Proceedings; annual session. - Dunedin: 1(1873?)-?

15 (1877)

Other issues in vol. 15


Rutherford, Robert.

Spiritualism - what is it? A paper read before the Caversham Mutual Improvement Society, on Friday, 1st November, 1878. - Dunedin: 'The Age' Co-operative, [1878]

8 p.


University of Otago.

Calendar. - Dunedin: 1877

Other issues in vol. 42


`Headley, Walter Balls, 1841-1918.

Homoeopathy past and present; by Walter Balls-Headley. - Melbourne: G. Robertson, 1878.

40 p.


Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners. Minutes of the proceedings of the General Council, at a meeting held ... Ardwick Green, Manchester, commencing on Tuesday June 12th and ending on Monday June 18th 1877. - Manchester: Co-operative Printing Society, 1877.

20 p.


Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners. Monthly report. - Manchester: no.l(Jan 1363?) - 576?(Dec 1910?)

no.181(Jan 1878), no.185(May 1878)


Vogel, Sir Julius, 1835-1899.

New Zealand and the South Sea Islands, and their relation to the Empire: a paper read at the Royal Colonial Institute, on the 19th day of March 1878. - London: Edward Stanford, 1878.

48 p.

page 24

N.Z. Constitution.

A collection of acts of the Imperial Parliament affecting the constitution of New Zealand; prepared for publication under the direction of the Government by William Pharazyn. - Wellington: Govt Printer,


46 p.


Lang, John Dunmore, 1799-1878.

New Zealand in 1839; or Four letters to the Right Hon. Earl of Durham ... on the colonization of that island, and on the present condition and prospects of its native inhabitants. With a preface and appendix for 1873. - Sydney: J.G. O'Connor, printer, 1873.

96 p.


Otago Provincial Council.

[Ordinances; a collection of reprinted licensing ordinances.] - Dunedin: Mills, Dick & Co., [1872?]

64 p.