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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: a catalogue with indexes

Volume 28

Volume 28


Otago Benevolent Institution.

Annual report. - Dunedin: 1(1862/63)-?

10 (1872)

11 (1873)

12 (1874)

Other issues in vols. 13, 36, 39, 45, 49 and 60


Bakewell, Robert Hal], 1831-1908.

Coughs, colds, and sore throats. - London: R. Kimpton, [1864]

34 p.


Edda Saemundar. Thrymskvitha.

Two Norse lays. I. The home-bringing of the hammer, translated from the Old Norse with explanatory.notes [by Arthur Laurenson] II. The awakening of the Gods. - Kirkwall: William Peace, 1872.

48 p.

The awakening of the Gods first appeared in the Scotsman, as 'The Franco-German war (from the Northern mythic standpoint)'.


Laurenson, Arthur.

The Franco-German war (from the Northern mythic standpoint).

[4] p.

From the Scotsman, 10th Nov. 1870.

Tipped in at back: In the seven months' war, by A.L. [From 'The Scotsman' in MS note]


Peace's Orkney and Shetland almanac. - Kirkwall:




The land and landlordism. - London: Kerby &

Endean, [1873?]

iv, 43 p.

Copy lacks title page.


Real horrors of war. (Reprinted from 'All the year round', by permission of Mr Charles Dickens). - London: Printed by Richard Barrett [for the Peace Society, ca.1870?] 4 p. - (12mo series; 51

Caption title.


Plimsoll, Samuel, 1824-1898.

An appeal on behalf of our seamen, from the larger work entitled 'Our seamen'; to which is added a speech delivered in the House of Commons, March 4, 1873.....- London: Virtue,


31 p.


Graham, John, of Dunedin.

A complete refutation of Spiritism in every shape: being a lecture delivered ... at Dunedin. - Dunedin: Mills, Dick, 1872.

16 p.


Ward, Mrs Elizabeth Stuart (Phelps), 1844-1911. The gates ajar; or, A glimpse into heaven. - Glasgow. James M'Geachy, 1870.

96 p.


Christ v. spiritualism; a word to believers in the Lord Jesus. - Dunedin: Mills, Dick [1872]

8 p.

Defence of Christian view against lectures by Mr James Smith.


Adams, Robert Noble.

Awake! Arise! An address to Christians from a sacred harp. - Dunedin: Baird, [187-?7

12 p.

Copy lacks cover title.

Also in vol. 13


Common Sense & Reason.

The plain truth about miracles, or Two familiar dialogues on two questions: 1. Are miracles physically possible? 2. Are miracles morally possible? By 'Common sense & reason'. - Wellington: William Hutchison, 1875.

23 p.


Salmond, William, 1835-1917.

The Christian doctrine of Providence and prayer, and the reign of law: three lectures. Dunedin: Reith and Wilkie, 1876.

39 p.


University of Glasgow.

Degree, prize, and certificate of honour list, session 1874-75. - Glasgow: Printed at the University Press, 1875.

31 p.


Laurent, Francois, 1810-1887.

Conference sur l'epargne, faite devant des elves normalistes. - Bruxelles, [1875]

xvi, 40 p.

Preceded by : Rapport du jury charge de decerner le prix institue par le docteur Guinard.

page 23

Kellogg, Edward, 1790-1858.

A new monetary system; the only means of securing the respective rights of labor and property, and of protecting the public from financial revulsions ... Edited by his daughter Mary Kellogg Putnam. - 5 ed., to which is prefixed a biographical sketch of the author. - Philadelphia: Henry Carey Baird, 1875.

xxiv p.

Specimen of preliminary pages