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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: a catalogue with indexes

Volume 24

Volume 24


Spencer, Herbert, 1820-1903.

The classification of the sciences. - 3 ed. London: Hertford, 1871.

64 p.

Copy lacks title page.

Postscript inserted between p.26, 27.


Freeman, Edward Augustus, 1823-1892.

The Turks in Europe. - London: William Mullan, 1877.

61 p. - (Politics for the people; 1)

page 18

Dalrymple, William, 1799?-1882.

The study of economics, and savings-bank in the school: a plea for economics theoretic and practical, being the prospectus of an Association... - Dunedin: Fergusson &

Mitchell, [1877?]

27 p.

Also in vol. 32


Johnston, Alexander James, 1820-1888.

Inaugural address ... Christchurch Associated Literary Society, March 15, 1877. - Christchurch: Times Office, 1877.

16 p.


Harper, Henry William, 1833-1922.

The old paths: a sermon ... preached on the occasion of the opening of the Diocesan Synod of Christchurch, 1876. - Christchurch:

G. Tombs, 1876.

15 p.


Sir G. Grey in South Australia. - [No imprint, ca.1870?]

1 p.

Extract reprinted from Samuel Mossman's Our Australian colonies (London, 1866).


Hamitlon [sic], Archibald.

On the recent economic progress of New Zealand: a paper read before the Statistical

Society of London, 30th January, 1877. - London: Harrison, 1877.

43 p.


Treadwell, James Willway.

New Zealand, June 30, 1877: true financial statement dedicated to the Marquis of Normanby, Governor of this colony... - Christchurch: Press Office, 1877.

20 p.


Farnall, Harry Warner, 1839-1891.

Correspondence, &c. explanatory of Mr H.W. Farnall's claims on the colony for emigration services. - Wellington: Evening Argus Office, [1877?]

34 p.

Copy lacks title-page.


How the Native Land Court and Land Purchase Department behave on the East Coast; a series of letters from an 'Occasional correspondent' to the Otago Daily Times. With a preface by 'Argus'. - Auckland: William Atkin, 1877.

40 p.

Alleged to be by J.A. Wilson.


Vogel, Sir Julius, 1835-1899.

Mr. Vogel's address at Tokomairiro: the land policy; local government scheme. - [Dunedin: Daily Times Office, 1868]

15 p. double columns


Vogel, Sir Julius, 1835-1899.

Correspondence between the Hon. the Premier of New Zealand, and His Honor the Superintendent of Otago, relative to the proposed abolition of provinces. - Dunedin: Mills, Dick, [1876?]

36 p.

Also in vol. 32


Macandrew, James, 1820-1887.

Address to the people of Otago. - Dunedin: Mills, Dick, 1875.

15 p.

Cover title

Also in vols.23 and 29


Robinson, Sir Hercules, 1824-1897.

A speech on border treaties and Australian federation delivered at a banquet at Albury, on the 31st October, 1876. - Melbourne: Robertson, 1876.

11 p.


Australian federation; a review of Mr Forster's paper 'Fallacies of federation', read before the Colonial Institute in London, January 1877. - Sydney: John Sands, 1877.

20 p.

Extracted from the Sydney Morning Herald.


Purnell, Charles William, 1843-1926.

The New Zealand Confederation: an enquiry into the present state of political affairs, with suggestions as to the best form of government for the colony. - Dunedin: R.T. Wheeler, 1877.

32 p.

Also in vol. 32