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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: a catalogue with indexes

Volume 12

Volume 12


Fothergill, Samuel.

What claim have the dealers in intoxicating liquors to compensation in the event of legislative changes affecting the profits of their trade? [Also, The London 'Times' on the Licensing Bill] - Wellington: F. Fraser, [1872].

[23]-27 P.

An extract from Fox, Sir William. The permissive Bill.

Full work in vol. 19


Jago, John Wesley, 1830-1904.

Does our liquor expenditure pay? A lecture delivered in the Athenaeum Hall, Balclutha, on 23rd May, 1877. - Balclutha: Clutha Leader Office, 1877.

8 p.

Reprinted from the Clutha Leader.


A Magistrate.

Letters on the liquor trade; by a magistrate. Reprinted from the N.Z. Temperance Times. - Dunedin: Reith and Wilkie, 1877.

22 p.


Watts, Isaac, d.1876?

The proposed Imperial Museum for India and the colonies; a paper read in the Economy and Trade Section of the Social Science Congress, at Liverpool, October 1876. - London: Wm H. Allen, 1876.

16 p.

Reprinted from the 'Journal of the National Indian Association'.


Smythies, Henry.

Regina v. Henry Smythies. Report of the trial of Henry Smythies before Mr Justice Erle, at the Central Criminal Court, London, on the 22nd August 1849, on charges of forgery and uttering; taken from the Central Criminal Court Sessions paper published September 11th, 1849. - [Reprinted] - Dunedin: Henry Wise, [1869?]

[332]-341 p.


Bond of brotherhood. - London: 1(Aug 1846).

12; ns1-172; 15no173-16no185; 17no1-12;

[53]nsl-6(D 1867).

Conducted by Elihu Burritt

16 (Oct 1865)

17 (Nov 1865)


Plymouth Brethrenism exposed to the inhabitants of Lerwick. - Lerwick: Stephen Brothers, 1873.

8 p.

Also in vol. 20


Dunedin Athenaeum & Mechanics' Institute.

Report and correspondence relative to a site &c. for the Dunedin Athenaeum & Mechanics' Institute. - [Dunedin: 1868]

7 p.


Misopseudes: a vision; also extracts from letters. Eighteen hundred and sixty three.

2 ed., rev. - CN0 imprint, Melbourne: 1875?]

27 p.

Copy lacks cover-title


Cole, George William, 1847?-1929.

Preliminary sanitary report of the City of Dunedin, presented to the Sanitary Committee, January 1875. - Dunedin: 'Daily Times' Office, [1875]

16 p.


Marriage Law Reform Association.

Marriage Law Reform Association, instituted ... for ... promoting ... an act to render lawful marriage with a deceased wife's sister. [Letter to New Zealand politicians] - London: 1877.

3 p.


Marriage Law Reform Association.

Deputation to the Earl of Carnarvon (April 3rd, 1876) on the subject of acts passed in the colonies of South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, and Queensland, for legalizing marriage with a deceased wife's sister. - [London: 1876]

15 p.

Also in vol. 32


Bacon, Hugh Ford.

Some brief remarks on Vice-Chancellor Sir W. Page Wood's vindication of the law prohibiting marriage with a deceased wife's sister; in a letter to a friend. - London: Houlston and Wright, 1861.

19 p.


N.Z. Registrar-General.

Sections of the Marriage Acts of New Zealand in operation, for the guidance of officiating ministers and registrars of marriages. - Wellington: Govt Printer, 1877.

25 p.


Whately, Richard, Abp of Dublin, 1787-1863.

Extract from a letter on the marriage laws, addressed by the late Archbishop of Dublin (Dr Whately) to the late Bishop of Norwich (Dr Hinds). - [London: Marriage Law Reform Association? ca.1876?]

11 p.


Woods, John, 1822-1892.

The progressive land tax; being suggestions for the treatment of the public estate, as represented in land, with a table of taxation, as proposed to be applied to estates of from 1,000 to 80,000 acres each. - Rev. and cor. - Melbourne: Fergusson & Moore, [1873.

24 p.

Issued by the Progressive Land Tax League.


Colonists' Protection League.

Report of the Central Committee. - Auckland: 1871/72-?



May, James.

A bone to pick for freetraders; a dialogue. Reprinted by the Colonists' Protection League, Auckland. By an Old Colonist. - Auckland: Reed and Brett 'Evening Star' Office, 1872.

14 p.


Protection of native industries; a paper read before the Colonists' Protection League Society. - Auckland: 'Evening Star', 1873.

11 p.

Copy lacks cover-title.


Victorian Convention.

Resolutions, proceedings, and documents of the Victorian Convention, assembled in Melbourne, July 15 to August 6, 1857. - Melbourne: Published for the Council of the Convention by J.J. Walsh, 1857.

31 p.

Also in vols 8, 9 and 15

page 10

Iron trades' short-time movement. A report of conferences between representatives of the Master Engineers & Shipbuilders of Glasgow and neighbourhood, and representatives of the West of Scotland Iron Trades' Short-time League, held in Glasgow in February 1872; with relative correspondence. - Glasgow: Executive of the Short-time League, 1872.

48 p.

The Shipbuilders' body was the Clyde Shipbuilders' and Engineers' Association.


Iron trades' short-time movement. Report of a conference between representatives of the Master Engineers and shipbuilders of Glasgow, and representatives of the West of Scotland Iron Trades' Short-time League, held in Glasgow, in November 1872; with the relative correspondence. - Glasgow: Executive of the Short-time League, 1872.

32 p.

The shipbuilders' body was the Clyde Shipbuilders' and Engineers' Association.