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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: a catalogue with indexes

Volume 1

page 1

Volume 1


Events in Feejee; narrated in recent letters from several Wesleyan missionaries. - London: sold by John Mason, and at the Wesleyan Mission-house, 1855.

32 p.

Pages 17-32 bound before p.1-16


Stowell, Hugh, 1799-1865.

The social, political, and moral aspects of Popery: speech ... at the eighteenth annual meeting of the Protestant Association, held in Exeter Hall, May 11, 1853. - London:

Protestant Association, 1853.

12 p.


Croly, George, 1780-1860.

England the fortress of Christianity; the preface to 'The new interpretation of the Apocalypse'. - London: Protestant Association, 1851.

8 p.

Fiftieth thousand.


Bandon, Francis Bernard, 3rd Earl, 1810-1877.

Speech of Viscount Bernard [later 3rd earl of Bandon], on Mr Ward's motion in the House of Commons, August 2, 1843. With notes illustrative of the early history of the Church in Ireland, and An appendix from O'Halloran, a Roman Catholic historian. - London: for the Protestant Association by Hatchards [etc], 1843.

23 p.


Harding, Isaac, 1815-1897.

High-Churchism; or, Semi-Popery exposed, in a correspondence between the Rev. Chas. H.S. Nicholls, incumbent of Christchurch, Wanganui, and the Rev. Isaac Harding, Wesleyan Methodist minister, with strictures. - Auckland: W.C. Wilson, 1867.

27 p.


Gordon, James Edward, 1789-1864.

British Protestantism, the first step; or, The question, 'What shall we do?' answered. London: Protestant Association Office, 1847.

12 p. - (Letter; 2)


Harper, Alexander.

Reasons against the endowment of the Romish priesthood in Ireland ... - 2ed. - London: for the Protestant Association by Hatchards [etc] 1849.

42 p. - (Protestant crisis - Prize essay; 1)


Lord, James, 1814.

Popery at Madeira: or, An account of the persecution and oppression of Dr Kalley and other Protestants by the Portuguese authorities at Madeira. - London: for the Protestant Association, by Hatchards, Rivingtons, Seeleys, Nisbet, Dalton, Baisler and Jackson, 1844.

22 p.


Jackson, Thomas, 1783-1873.

The Wesleyan Conference, its duties and responsibilities: a vindication of its recent acts of discipline. - London: Mason, 1849.

71 p.


Cropp, John.

Transubstantiation: a lecture delivered at Clapham. - London: J.W. King, 1856.

24 p.


Rigg, James Harrison, 1821-1909.

Pre-Millenarianism weighed in the balance of the sanctuary: a lecture. - Guernsey: W. Maillard, [1852]

28 p.


Spurgeon, Charles Haddon, 1834-1892.

Fast-day service held at the Crystal Palace, Sydenham, on Wednesday October 7th, 1857. - [no imprint, London: 1857] [373]-388 p. - (New Park Street pulpit; 154_ 55)(Penny pulpit; 2848-9)

Also paged [489]-502 508 509.


Wesleyan Methodist Church. Conference.

Copy of the letter and declaration issued by the President of the Conference, December 26th 1849; with a list of the Wesleyan ministers who have affixed their names to the declaration. - London: Printed by James Nichols [1849?]

15 p.


Dartnell, Edward Taylor.

Ireland; the true source of its evils, the true remedy ... - London: for the Protestant Association by Hatchards [etc] 1850.

35 p. - (Protestant crisis - Prize essay; 2)


Baker, Arthur.

The Denominational (so called, though improperly), the system of national education best adapted to the needs and circumstances of this colony. - Wellington: New Zealand Spectator and Cook's Strait Guardian, 1856.

16 p.


Index Tracts. - Toledo, Ohio: Index Association,

[l](1870?)-10(1872?). - 10 (1872?)

Also in vols. 37 and 82

Other issues in vol. 37


Billings, M.E.

Crimes of preachers in the United States and Canada, from May 1876, to May 1883. - 3 ed., translated out of the original newspapers, and with previous translations diligently compared and revised - New York: Truth Seeker Publishing, 1883.

100 p.


Truth seeker.

The truth seeker library. - [New York: 1882?]

20 p.

Publisher's catalogue

Running title: D.M. Bennett's publications


Buller, James, 1812-1884.

Apostolical succession: a sermon ... preached in the Wesleyan Church, Manners Street, Wellington, on Sunday evening, April 17th, 1859. - Wellington: Charles Bull, 1859.

14 p.


Blake, Alexander, d.1920.

The Bible in schools: being reasons stated for the reintroduction of the Bible into the schools of the colony. - Ashburton: Ashburton Publishing Company, 1886.

24 p.

Articles to the Ashburton Guardian, 14-27 August 1886.

page 2

Dean, Peter.

The impossibility of knowing what is Christianity. - Dunedin: Braithwaite, 1880.

7 P.

Also in vol. 64


Church of England. Liturgy and ritual.

A form of thanksgiving and prayer to Almighty God, upon the completion of fifty years of Her Majesty's reign; to be used on Tuesday the 21st day of June next, and certain other days as herein appointed, in all churches and chapels in England and Wales, and in the town of Berwick-upon-Tweed. By Authority. - London: Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1887.

12 p.


Chiniquy, Charles Pascal Telesphore, 1809-1887.

Rome and education. - Auckland: Printed by John Brame, "Free Press", 1880.

15 p.


Wesleyan Methodist Church. Conference.

A summary of the proceedings of the committee appointed by the Conference to enquire into the eligibility of a plan for the settlement of Methodist chapels, &c.; with a correct copy of the model deed adopted by the committee, and a precedent of a conveyance of freehold referring to the model deed. - London: John Mason, 1847.

54 p.


Gladstone, William Ewart, 1809-1898.

The Vatican Decrees in their bearing on civil allegiance: a political expostulation. - London: John Murray, 1874.

72 p.


Buller, James, 1812-1884.

The Christian patriot, a sequel to 'True patriotism': a sermon delivered in the Wesley - an Church, Manners Street, Wellington ... on Sunday evening, November 15th, 1857. - Wellington: W. Lyon, 1857.

16 p.


Buller, James, 1812-1884.

The connection between Sabbath observance and temporal prosperity. - Christchurch: Press, 1874.

4 p.

At head of title: Canterbury Sunday Observance League, second address.


Thurston, Howard C.

The cat let out of the bag. - London:

Cosmopolitan Commonsense Publishing, [188-?] (Sydney: H.R. Woods).

48 p.


M'Gibbon, John, 1828-1882.

'Orangeism and its slanderers': lecture delivered at the request of members of the Orange Institution of New South Wales, in the Masonic Hall, York St, Sydney, on Monday, 19th June, 1871. - Sydney: Protestant Standard Office, 1871.

16 p.


Suter, Andrew Burn, Bp, 1830-1895.

Jubilee shadows and jubilee hopes: a sermon preached in the Nelson Cathedral ... on the 26th June, 1887. - Nelson: R. Lucas, 1887.

8 p.