Title: The Wreck of the Hydrabad

Author: Ian Church

Publication details: Dunmore Press, 1978, Palmerston North

Digital publication kindly authorised by: Ian Church

Part of: New Zealand Texts Collection

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The Wreck of the Hydrabad


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The writing of this book was suggested and made possible by Captain P. J. Leahy of Wellington. He made his collection of Hydrabad material, gathered over several years, freely available, supplied photographs and provided introductions, advice and hospitality. Without his unstinting generosity there would have been no book.

I am indebted to many people who replied to letters, granted interviews and provided photographs and I wish to thank J. G. Bain, T. Baker, R. Bowater, A. Bowe, L. Campbell, J. Churchouse, D. Cimino, D. C. Cole, O. Colhoun, I. J. Farquhar, Miss R. Greer, B. F. Heard, J. Henry, Charles Holmwood, Jack Holmwood, Mr and Mrs J. F. Hornblow, H. Hughes, Mrs P. Hyde, R. W. Johnston S. Jonson, A. L. Kirk, A. D. Lea, A. G. Lightfoot, W. G. Lloyd, D. McDonald, Mr and Mrs B. McLean, D. McLennan, I. Matheson, R. Pelmer, T. P. Peter, M. R. Smith and the editors of the Rangitikei Mail and The Chronicle.

For access to newspapers, books and photographs I have to thank the public libraries at Wellington, Wanganui, and Dunedin, the museums of Canterbury and Wanganui, the Hocken Library, Alexander Turnbull Library, General Assembly Library, the Foxton Borough Council, the Horowhenua County Council, the Mitchell Library of Glasgow, with special thanks to Miss V. Hankel of the State Library of South Australia.

For permission to reprint the poem by A. Armstrong I thank the principal of Horowhenua College, and for the poem by Phyllis Purvis, Mrs S. Skinner. Mr K. Orman of Lower Hutt kindly provided the plans of the ship. Sincepage 118some photographs were received at second or third hand they may not have been acknowledged to the original owner for which I can only apologise.

My colleagues in the Patea Historical Society, Mrs Margaret Leslie and Mr G. L. Baker, have taken a helpful interest in this work. Mrs Leslie provided pertinent criticism and suggested several improvements while Mr Baker gave me free access to his valuable library of New Zealand books. Mr Don McLennan of Palmerston North gave the text the benefit of his years in sail.