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In a Strange Garden: The Life and Times of Truby King


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Introduction 9
Chronology 15
One A young man in the colonies 19
Two Little Truby 31
Three Who am I? 45
Four An asylum by the sea 49
Five Colonising the Catlins 67
Six A sound mind in a healthy body 11
Seven Some curious attitudes of his own 83
Eight Conservation at Karitane 103
Nine The adoption of Mary 113
Ten A prototype for Plunket 119
Eleven The Plunket movement 127
Twelve The elusive Bella 143
Thirteen Taking Plinket abroad 151
Fourteen The later years of Plunket 165
Fifteen A mausoleum in Melrose 173
Sixteen The manic gardener 183
Seventeen The end 199 page break
Appendix One The Feeding of Plants and Animals 211
Appendix Two Constitution and rules of the Plunket Society 1907 217
Appendix Three Hygeia columns 221
Appendix Four Karitane products 227
Appendix Five Truby King's library 235
Appendix Six The evils of picture shows 241
Appendix Seven Publications by Truby King 247
Appendix Eight Truby King's rhododendron correspondance 251
Endnotes 263
Bibliography 271
Index 275
List of Illustrations 283