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In a Strange Garden: The Life and Times of Truby King

Appendix Seven: Publications by Truby King

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Appendix Seven: Publications by Truby King

Truby King was an inveterate writer; his style often verged on the instructional. Aside from his medical writings as a government doctor, these are his most accessible works:

Tree Culture in New Zealand
Published by the State Forest Service, following his 1902 lecture.

Feeding of Plants and Animals
Important seven-page pamphlet produced in 1905, reproduced in part in Appendix One.

The Evils of Cram
Published in 1906 by the Evening Star company: ninety-three pages of argument against over-pressure in schools. One of Truby's more extreme and odd documents, discussed in Chapter Seven.

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Feeding and Care of Baby
The standard textbook. Printed by Truby King in 1908, reprinted, reprinted, revised, rehashed, reprinted. The first edition was a slender thirty-two pages; by 1946 it had grown to 257 pages. It was reprinted by Oxford University Press in London, then annually, sometimes twice in the same year. New Zealand editions were revised and reprinted every year or so. Truby paid for the printing and donated the profits to Plunket, partly explaining his precarious finances.
Translated into Polish and published in many countries of the British Empire.

Baby's First Month - Hints to Fathers and Mothers
Pamphlet of forty-six pages produced by the Department of Health in 1913. By 1916 it was enlarged to The Expectant Mother and Baby's First Month, with every applicant for a marriage licence receiving a copy.
It was also printed in London by MacMillan.

Natural Feeding of Infants
Produced in 1917 as a thirty-five page booklet by the New Zealand Society for the Health of Women and Children, eventually published in London during the First World War; 10,000 copies printed, sold at 1/- each.

The Evils of Picture Shows
In 1920 Truby produced a strange, twenty-page pamphlet detailing his views on movies, which was endorsed by the Plunket Society. Parts are reproduced in Appendix Six.

The Story of Teeth
Fifteen pages, published in New Zealand, Australia and London in 1935.
Foreword: Dedicated to my wife/To whom I owe everything.
Truby King's last homily.

Mothercraft Manual
Published in various countries under various guises, with different page 249 editors. Mothercraft was a 241-page tome, produced in Australia by Mar}' King in 1941, while the manual was edited by Mabel Liddiard in London. Essentially they were simplified versions of Feeding and Care of Baby.

Newspaper columns beginning in 1908, syndicated throughout the land, offering sage advice to mothers. While they were often organised and edited by his wife, they bear the unmistakable imprimatur of Truby King.

From the Pen of F. Truby King
Published in 1947 by the Truby King Booklet Committee. 141 pages of Truby's writings. An accessible little book.

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