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Philosopher Dick

[booksellers' catalogue cuttings]

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Capt. Chamier was author of

Tom Bowling (sea yarn) 410 p.p. (1905)

Ben Brace (" ") 419 (1905)

617——Chamier (Capt. R. N.) The Naval History of Great Britain, from the Declaration of War by France in 1793 to the Accession of George VI., &c. Finely engd. ports., &c., 6 vols, 8vo, orig. cl., fine copy. 1837    18/6

738 Chamier (Capt.) My Travels; or, An Unsentimental Journey thro' France, Switzerland and Italy, 3 vols., 8vo. 1855. 4s.

Life of a Sailor, first ½ of 1860

Chamier (Capt., R. N.) Ben Brace: the last of Nelson's Agamemnons, First Edition, 3 vols, cr. 8vo, bds., uncut, Vol I. wants half-title and binding slightly damaged, 5s    1836

220 Chamier (Capt. Frederic) The Unfortunate Man, First Edition, 3 vols, post 8vo, half calf gilt, m.e., 1835  15/-