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Extravaganza. April 26. May 6 1967

Extravaganza 67

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Extravaganza 67

Act 1:

1. Opening Chorus: Soloist - Mitch Park

2. A Pound of Prevention: Inspector - Roger Hall

3. Too Close-Up: Interviewer Dan Bradshaw, Chris - Craig Wrightson

4. Table Talk:
Jean: Caroline Harding
Shirley: Helen McGrath
Mary: Pip Davis
Helen: Eve Avery
Man: Graham Gordon
Waitress: Margaret Buchanan

5. Green Onions: The Ballet

6. Press Button "B":
  • Interviewer - Dan Bradshaw; Leader - Mitch Park;
  • Students - Margaret Turner, Alison Blanch and Graham Gordon
7. Drake Gets the Birds (Being how Danger Man comes to New Zealand and makes a pass before being caught between the uprights)
Drake: Roger Hall
Manager: Peter Graham
Coach: Dan Bradshaw
Arthur: Rod De Bortali-Tregerthan
Girl A: Margaret Turner
Girl B: Alison Blanch
Bathing Costume Girl: Charyn Kiddle
Schoolboy: Mike Patterson
Biscuit Girl: Helen McGrath
Kiri Te Kanawa: Eve Avery
Footballers: Mitch Park, Graham Gordon, Craig Wrightson
Chairman: John Croucher
Vice Chairman: Bruce Holt
Waitresses, Charladies and others: Candy McGrath, Iris Mills, Clare Lane, Pip Davis, Caroline Mark.

8. Put it Away Day: Malcolm McSporran

9. Away from it All: Roger Hall and Alison Blanch

10. Summit Conference:
Leader: Dan Bradshaw
Girl A: Margaret Turner
Girl B: Alison Blanch
Girl C: Charyn Kiddle
Male A: Mitch Park
Male B: Graham Gordon
Carried: Candy McGrath
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11. Holyoake Interview:
Holyoake: Kiwi
Chairman: Malcolm McSporran
Mrs. Harrison: Caroline Harding
Sullivan: Rod De Bortali - Tregerthan
Fowler: Dan Bradshaw
Messenger: Graham Gordon

12. Boiling Point: Doctor - Peter Graham; Nurse - Margaret Buchanan

13. Singalong with Gilbert: Mitch Park; Graham Gordon; Helen McGrath; Caroline Harding

14. Devalued Stirling: Roger Hall

15. Quant - UM Mechanics: Mary Quaint - Caroline Harding; The Ballet The Company

Act 2:

Allbody: John Croucher
Cabe: Bruce Holt
Luca: Roger Hall
Secretary: Alison Blanch
The Girl: Caroline Harding
Mussy: Dan Bradshaw
David: Malcolm McSporran
Sporty Girl: Alison Blanch
Balladeer 1: Mitch Park
Balladeer 2: Graham Gordon
Accountants, Gymnasts Sirens and others: The Company
1.Dance of Death: (Somewhere up there)
2.Gabriel Blows in: (Allbody's office)
3.You can Take it with you: (Celestial Finance House)
4.The Temptation: (Somewhere else up there)
5.Heavenly Bodies: (Celestial Gymnasium)
6.The Man Who'll Never Return: (Outside the Pearly Gates)


  • Liquor by N.Z. Breweries
  • Cigarettes by Dunhill
  • Shoes by Bing Harris Ltd.
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