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Extravaganza. April 26. May 6 1967

Script Writers

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Script Writers

Steve Whitehouse

"You can do nothing at all" - Field Marshall Montgomery.

This is not entirely fair. Monty actually prefaced the above remark with the words "without the infantry". True story. But quite irrelevant, having very little to do with the author of Extrav's second half, "Allbody".

Dining Chinese recently a man opened a fortune cookie and read the words:

"Help I am trapped in a Bachelors degree by the Economics Department".

Well, he might.

Verily, we say with Whitehouse, 22 "and he findeth a brick wall, and going forth, he beat his head among them". Finding his niche in Broadcasting, he finds larger audiences to annoy.

And it is to this audience he addresses himself tonight. To you who have waded through this laboured wit.

You lack taste. You are not easily bored. Goodluck. You will enjoy Extrav (chiz chiz) nudge your neighbour awake. Now, back to Monty.

Roger Hall

Photo of Roger Hall and a woman sitting on a beach

during background research for his script ........

Came from England to New Zealand inspired by Whites Aviation photos and fear of call-up. Returned to Mother Country (ugh!) after two years here and a year in Australia. Similarly inspired returned to N.Z. to settle down to his real aim in life - making money. Has been involved in several revues, both writing and acting, including the notorious Rubbishess and University Christmas Revues. In between revues has completed training college and university courses. Hobbies: Music (i.e being seen at concerts), television (i.e pinching ideas for scripts) and women (i.e. women)