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Victoria College Capping Carnival. Town Hall Thursday, June 26, 1913



Suff. We hope we do not shock
Our late converted flock
By changing our opinions in a way they'll think suspicious.

Men. Nor would we have you think
That we would ever sink
From our high state of liberty to thraldom, though delicious

Both. For we've been recollecting past delights
Up at Kelburne on those moonlit winter nights.

Chorus. When we used to saunter down the rugged hill
From the gaieties of far off Salamanca
For of these in by-gone days we had our fill,
In Atlantis for such joys we never hanker
Our hopes we anchor
To this fair land,
Here the Chancellorie speech is never long,
Years ago, just like the brook, it never ended.
The women here are never in the wrong,
And they act as sensibly as once the men did,
They're simply splendid.
They're really grand.

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Suff. We cast aside the past,
We knew it could not last,
To take our former status we've been easily persuaded.

Men. So let us now rejoice,
There's wisdom in their choice.
Our ancient air of deep content
Atlantis lias pervaded.

Both. Sir Robert meditates on students' ways
And their couduct in those ruby tinted days.