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Victoria College Capping Carnival. Town Hall Thursday, June 26, 1913

Programme. — Thursday, 26th June, At 8 p.m. — Town Hall

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Thursday, 26th June, At 8 p.m.

Town Hall

Part I.

1. College Songs—
(a.)The Song of Victoria College (page 3)
(b.)Gaudeamus (page 3)

2. Glee—The Vikings.

3. Capping Songs—
(a.)The Good Old Days (page 4)
(b.)Dreadnaughtia (page 5)

4. Quartette

5. Capping Songs—
(1.)The Library-Anne (page 8)
(2.)Our Annual Alcoholiday (page 9)

The Girls will now sing a Hymn.

Interval Five Minutes.

Part II.

"The Shaming of the Shrews"

Opening Chorus (page 11)

Act I.—Wellington in 1950. Disher's Song (page 12)

Duet (page 16)

Final Chorus (page 17)

Interval. Capping Songs—Eos Laudamus (page 18)

Memories (page 19)

Act II.—The Airship Song (page 21)

Song (while the ladies are getting painted up for the next item).

Wikitoria Hi (page 22)

Entr'acte—The Tableau of the Nations.

Song (page 23)

Interval. Capping Songs- Current Events (page 25)

Jolly Students (page 26)

Act III.—Atlantis. Chorus (page 27)

Final Chorus (page 28)

But they got it with the toe (same as you will get it - so),
For interrupting songs.—Kipling.

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"The Shaming of the Shrews"


The Conquest of Atlantis.

Each item, of any tale is
To be read cum grano salis.

—P. MacGill.

A Shrewd conception of life on this little world of ours in 1950.

Ridiculous, senseless, idiotic,—but laughable.

Perpetrators.—P. Grey, H. H. Daniell, P. B. Broad and A. E. Caddick.

Libretto by M. Maeterlinck.

Sparklingwit by G. K. Chesterson.

Sundries by W. S. Gilbert, Oscar Wilde and other minor stars.

Cast of Characters :
F. M. B. Disher Signor Emilio Caruso
(That's why his head was chopped off)
Wom Tilford Mr. "Pip" Powell
B. C. Dates Mr. D. C. Bates
Mrs. Spankhurst Miss Dorothea Baird
Miss Desperado Miss Lily Brayton
(Hee! Hee !! Hee !!!)
P. K. Dicken Mr. G. S. Titherage
(You won't recognise him)
Lady Slender Miss Titell Brune
(Sh! Is Mr. Baeyertz present ?)
Sir Robert Stay-out Mr. Beerbohm Tree
(What a head he'll have to-morrow)
Rev. A. W. H. Compton Mr. Julius Knight
(Quite right! Quite right!)
Professor von Zedlitz Mr. Cyril Maude
Hughie Mack Mr. Boucicault
(If you can)
Newsboys, actresses, chorus girls, panto, girls, flappers, and ballet dancers.

The Argument.

In 1950 the world is swayed by the firm hand of woman. Man has been relegated to his well-merited position of inferiority. But some notorious k-nuts from Wellington have escaped to the continent of Atlantis, where they still preserve their pristine superiority. Hearing of this the women embark in their 1950 aeroplane the "Wowserina," and descend like a plague on the ungodly in Atlantis. For subsequent events, and woman's final metamorphosis to her original status, see Act III., being a parody of "The Taming of the Shrew."

Conductor - W. H. Stainton

Pianist - Miss Harper

Stage Manager - A. E. Caddick

Scenic Artist - Mrs. Hannah

Costumes specially designed by Mrs. Hannah.