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Victoria College Capping Carnival. Town Hall Thursday, June 26, 1913

Opening Chorus. — "Freedom."

Opening Chorus.


"Yet Freedom, yet thy banner, torn but flying, Streams like a thunderstorm against the wind."


Oh, we dwell in the gloom of the veil of life,
Where the shadows darkly throng,
For the woof is shot with a crimson strife,
And the blight of an ashen wrong.
But the Free shall cleave a burning way
To the suns of Truth beyond,
And the lowering wraiths shall melt away
At Freedom's magic wand.

The thraldoms that surge down the rack of time,
Shall be hurled to the shrouded deep.
At the portal of earth is the torch of truth,
That shall flame to the donjon keep,
Where the tyrant lurks in his darksome haunt
Shall a creedless truth have birth;
And the flag of the free shall proudly flaunt
O'er the last lone lands of earth.