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Victoria College Students' Carnival. Thursday 29th June 1905

Afternoon Programme

Afternoon Programme.

The Song of Victoria College (Page 3).

Officials enter. "De Omnibus"—first two verses (Page 7).

Chancellor's Address

(15 minutes only).

"A little may be a good thing, but too much is enough."—Mason.

"Le sage intend a demi-mot.,'

Address by a College Councillor.

Tune.—"Father O'Flynn."

We have colleges, many of charming variety,
And students and profs, of most varying sobriety,
Yet we'll maintain without impropriety,
Victoria College is Queen of them all.
All her professors are clearly the best;
Her students are noted for zeal and for zest.
Health to each graduate, proud is New Zealand's state,
When she has them and US for the rest.

Capping Ceremony.

Tune.—"Tit Willow.—Mikado.

On the floor in his classroom a foreigner strode—
Zedlitz! Zedlitz! Von Zedlitz!
But the lingo of some dozen countries he knowed,
Did Zedlitz! Zedlitz! Von Zedlitz!
Thou' his pupils were old and attended but few,
He was held in respect as a golfist and beau,
And his ancestor 'twas wrote the "Midnight Review "
Zedlitz! Baron Von Zedlitz!

Address by Chairman of the Professorial Board, Professor Von Zedlitz.

Song ... ... "Gaudeamus ... ... Page 3

"You could 'are 'eard a pin drop."Old Play.