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A First Year in Canterbury Settlement With Other Early Essays

Contents — Of “A First Year in Canterbury Settlement”

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Of “A First Year in Canterbury Settlement”

Chapter I page
Embarkation at Gravesend—Arrest of Passenger—Tilbury Fort—Deal—Bay of Biscay Gale—Becalmed off Teneriffe—Fire in the Galley—Trade Winds— Belt of Calms—Death on Board—Shark—Current—S. E. Trade Winds— Temperature—Birds—Southern Cross—Cyclone. 9
Chapter II
Life on Board—Calm—Boat Lowered—Snares and Traps—Land—Driven off coast—Enter Port Lyttelton—Requisites for a Sea Voyage—Spirit of Adventure aroused. 22
Chapter III
Aspect of Port Lyttelton—Ascent of Hill behind it—View—Christ Church— Yankeeisms—Return to Port Lyttelton and Ship—Phormium Tenax—Visit to a Farm—Moa Bones. 31
Chapter IV
Sheep on Terms, Schedule and Explanation—Investment in Sheep-run—Risk of Disease, and Laws upon the Subject—Investment in laying down Land in English Grass—In Farming—Journey to Oxford—Journey to the Glaciers— Remote Settlers—Literature in the Bush—Blankets and Flies—Ascent of the Rakaia—Camping out—Glaciers—Minerals—Parrots—Unexplored Col— Burning the Flats—Return. 37
Chapter V
Ascent of the Waimakiriri—Crossing the River—Gorge—Ascent of the Rangitata—View of M’Kenzie Plains—M’Kenzie—Mount Cook—Ascent of the Hurunui—Col leading to West Coast. 59 page 8
Chapter VI
Hut—Cadets—Openings for Emigrants without Capital—For those who bring Money—Drunkenness—Introductions—The Rakaia—Valley leading to the Rangitata—Snow-grass and Spaniard—Solitude—Rain and Flood—Cat— Irishman—Discomforts of Hut—Gradual Improvement—Value of Cat. 68
Chapter VII
Loading Dray—Bullocks—Want of Roads—Banks Peninsula—Front and Back Ranges of Mountains—River-beds—Origin of the Plains—Terraces—Tutu— Fords—Floods—Lost Bullocks—Scarcity of Features on the Plains— Terraces—Crossing the Ashburton—Change of Weather—Roofless Hut— Brandy-keg. 80
Chapter VIII
Taking up the Run—Hut within the Boundary—Land Regulations—Race to Christ Church—Contest for Priority of Application—Successful issue— Winds and their Effects—Their conflicting Currents—Sheep crossing the River. 102
Chapter IX
Plants of Canterbury—Turnip—Tutu—Ferns—Ti Palm—Birds—Paradise Duck—Tern—Quail—Wood Hen—Robin—Linnet—Pigeon—Moa—New Parroquet— Quadrupeds—Eels—Insects—Weta—Lizards. 115
Chapter X
Choice of a Run—Boundaries—Maoris—Wages—Servants—Drunkenness— Cooking—Wethers—Choice of Homestead—Watchfulness required—Burning the Country—Yards for Sheep—Ewes and Lambs—Lambing Season—Wool Sheds—Sheep Washing—Putting up a Hut—Gardens—Farewell. 126