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page xvii


Chap. page
I. Waste lands 1
II. In the wool-shed 10
III. Up the river 16
IV. The saddle 24
V. The river and the range 35
VI. Into Erewhon 47
VII. First impressions 58
VIII. In prison 68
IX. To the metropolis 79
X. Current opinions 94
XI. Some Erewhonian trials 109
XII. Malcontents 119
XIII. The views of the Erewhonians concerning death 130
XIV. Mahaina 140
XV. The musical banks 146
XVI. Arowhena 163
XVII. Ydgrun and the Ydgrunites 174
XVIII. Birth formulae 183
XIX. The world of the unborn 190
XX. What they mean by it 201
XXI. The colleges of unreason 211 page xviii
XXII. The colleges of unreason (continued) 222
XXIII. The book of the machines 235
XXIV. The book of the machines (continued) 244
XXV. The book of the machines (concluded) 257
XXVI. The views of an Erewhonian prohpet concerning the rights of animals 270
XXVII. The views of an Erewhonian philosopher concerning the rights of vegetables 287
XVIII. Escape 299
XXXIX. Conclusion 314