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A History of the Birds of New Zealand.

Subclass RATITÆ — Order APTERYGES.

page lxxxiv

Subclass RATITÆ.

Family APTERYGIDÆ. Kiwis.
Genus APTERYX, Shaw. Endemic.

Gen. char.—Bill more or less lengthened, very slender, with the base covered by a bony cere, broad, and rather depressed; the culmen rounded, straight to near the tip, which projects over that of the lower mandible, and rather obtuse; the sides gradually compressed, and grooved towards the end; the gonys very long and slightly curved; the nostrils placed on each side at the tip, very small, and sublinear; the base of the bill furnished with lengthened hairs. Wings abbreviated and covered with feathers. Tail not apparent. Tarsi the length of the middle toe, very robust, and covered with variously sized scales, those of the inner and outer sides the smallest. Toes three before, with the lateral ones equal, and all covered above with broad scales; the hind toe very short, united to the tarsus, and armed with a long, strong, and rather acute claw.