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A History of the Birds of New Zealand.


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As stated in the Prospectus, this new and enlarged edition of ‘The History of the Birds of New Zealand’ is the outcome of a very general and rapidly increasing demand for a second issue. Its publication was commenced in June 1887, and the Author hopes to have the second volume completed by the end of February 1889.

Owing to the favourable reception accorded to this new ‘History’ in the Australasian Colonies, and the consequently increased number of Subscribers, the Author found himself in the gratifying position of being able to reduce the price of each Part from One Guinea and a half (as announced in the original prospectus) to One Guinea; but, as already notified, the edition will be strictly limited to 1000 copies, of which only about 250 will be available for Europe and America.

Although the Author has adhered to the general method and style of the former edition, he ventures to hope that the alterations and additions in the body of the work fairly represent, so far as New Zealand is concerned, the great advance which has been made in Ornithological Science during the present decade. The book itself is on a larger scale, being Imperial instead of Royal Quarto, and the Plates, instead of being hand-coloured lithographs, have been produced by the more costly but more exact and satisfactory process of printing in colours. It is generally admitted that nothing so perfect in colour-printing has hitherto been attempted; and the Author feels that special thanks are due to the talented artist; Mr. J. G. Keulemans, and to his able assistant, Mr. F. van Iterson, for the fidelity with which the drawings on stone have been executed; also to Mr. Otto Mayer (of the firm of Judd & Co.) for the faithful care and attention bestowed on the printing of the Plates, from first to last, so as to ensure the best possible finish.

To the Subscribers in England and the Colonies, and particularly in New Zealand, who have responded so liberally to the announcement of a New Edition, the Author tenders his grateful acknowledgments; for without such support he would never have undertaken so costly an enterprise. He would fain hope that the honest and patient labour which he has devoted to the work will be deemed a fitting return for their generous confidence.

W. L. B.

Inner Temple, London, March 1888.
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