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The Moa-Hunters of New Zealand: Sportsman of the Stone Age

Appendix I

page 251

Appendix I

Considerable confusion having arisen in connection with the classification of the Moa, the following lists have been prepared showing the different names given to birds mentioned in this book in recognized classifications:

North Island Species
(Cat. Fos. Birds Brit. Mus.)
(New Zealand Birds)
Dinornis robustus Dinornis ingens
” struthioides ” novae zealandiae
” gracilis
Anomalopteryx casuarina Anomalopteryx didiformis
” dromaeoides Dinornis dromioides
” geronoides
Emeus gravipes Emeus exilis
South Island Species
(Trans. N.Z. Inst.)
(New Zealand Birds)
Euryapteryx rheides Emeus gravipes
” gravis
Meinornis didiformis Anomalopteryx didiformis
Dinornis robustus Dinornis ingens
Palapteryx crassus Emeus crassus