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Ethnology of Tongareva

Plate 4.—Coconut Leaf Baskets, Eye Shade, and Perineal Band

Plate 4.—Coconut Leaf Baskets, Eye Shade, and Perineal Band.

A, Raurau basket (C2854) with unsplit section of midrib forming bottom, check plait with open leaflets and three-ply braided rim; bottom length, 21.5 inches; rim length, 17 inches; middle depth, 10.25 inches. B, Taunga basket (C3273) with two-strip twisted rim, twilled-two plait with closed leaflets, and two-course braided bottom: braided tail of first course at bottom has been doubled in from right and second course pushed through on left to inside; after running up for about two-thirds of depth of basket on left side, knot was pushed through to outside; rim length, 11 inches; bottom length, 8.5 inches; middle depth, 11.5 inches. C, Pare taumata or taumata eye shade (C3275): two midrib strips with untwisted leaflets form forward peak rim; check plait with open leaflets; leaflet ends above plaited in two free braided tails and tied with reef knot to form head band; bottom width, 9.5 inches; top width, 7 inches; middle depth, 10.25 inches. D, Perineal band (maro): wide strip of fibrous textile (stipule) from base of coconut leaf midrib (kaka) knotted at one end to length of lauhala; free end of kaka held against abdomen and attached end passed back between thighs to cover genitals; lauhala strip brought around waist on right of wearer to cross the kaka, carried around on left, and tied at back; free end of kaka then dropped forward over lauhala strip as shown. The maro is no longer used.