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Ethnology of Tongareva

Plate 2.—Double Wall Screen and Oven Cover

Plate 2.—Double Wall Screen and Oven Cover.

A, Double wall screen (pataro mangarua), made of two unsplit sections of coconut leaf (C3270): leaflets from one side have been bent over leaf midrib and interlaced in opposite direction to natural lie of leaflets of opposite side; leaflets are closed and half-turns defining end edges may be observed; plaiting stroke is twilled-two in horizontal rows which are now vertical from position of completed article; braided free tails at each end of middle line have been doubled behind plaiting, but parts may be observed where they have been pushed through from under surface and after a short course pushed through again to conceal knotted ends on under surface; width from midrib to midrib, 30 inches; depth at ribs, 26 inches; depth in middle, 20 inches. B, C, Plaited oven cover of coconut leaf (toto umu) made from long single leaflet-bearing strip doubled over on right to form two crossing sets of wefts (C3272) in twilled-two plaiting stroke with closed leaflets arranged in horizontal and vertical rows, full length at bottom and left but decreasing in length toward right with plaiting. B, upper surface, midrib strip bearing naturally directed dextrals, but owing to doubling over on right, upper layer is sinistral through change in direction: leaflets at lower edge were twisted under left front leaflet; braid finish at upper edge commenced on left and braid tail on right has been bent around to back, pushed through again for a short distance, and then pushed back to leave knot on other side. C, under surface: lower edge shows midrib strip; upper edge shows long course of wefts which join outer plies of braid; free tail doubled back on left, pushed through, and knot pulled back; dimensions, 22 by 15 inches.