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Ethnology of Tongareva

Plate 1.—Preparing Roro and Husking Coconuts

Plate 1.—Preparing Roro and Husking Coconuts.

A, Nahuinga, the wife of Pa, preparing roro. Grated coconut in the kainga wringer and strainer of coconut husk opened out on her hands, ready for folding over and wringing out the fluid; broken wooden bowl (kumete) on left contains grated coconut; round drinking bowl (kumete tatau) on right with broken rim contains expressed roro coconut cream. B, Nahuinga using the wringer with short quick movements to express the roro fluid into the round drinking bowl below, white creamy fluid oozing out between her fingers. C, Pa seated in position for coconut husking with the soles of his feet turned in to support in the erect position the butt of the husker, which he holds in his hand. D, Pa brings the horizontally held nut down sharply on the point with both hands to penetrate a segment of husk on the near side.