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Ethnology of Tongareva



Slings were not used, but stones were thrown by hand in warfare. Stones of suitable size were gathered and piled up near the landing places or community centers as ammunition for defensive purposes. They were also carried in the canoes. Thus Wilkes (31, vol. 4, p. 278) records that in the canoes which visited the Porpoise, spears were the only weapons, except page 215 pieces of coral, seen. He also states that after some of the natives had been driven overboard for pilfering, “The moment they got into their canoes, large pieces of coral and shells were hurled on board with great force; two guns were fired over their heads but they took no notice of them and stood up in their canoes, brandishing their spears and yelling defiance.”

The throwing of stones onto Wilkes' vessel is similar to the throwing of spears against the side of Cook's vessel as a Maori challenge to fight.