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Medicine Amongst the Maoris, in Ancient and Modern Times


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System of medicine. (Allbutt.)

Theory and practice of medicine. (Osler.)

Functional diseases of children. (Guthrie.)

Medical inspection of school children. (Mackenzie.)

Diseases of children. (Hutchison.)

Diseases of children. (Goodhart and Still.)

Treatment of diseases of children. (Sutherland.)

Ethnology. (A.H. Keane.)

Cook's Voyages.

Primitve Culture. (Lubbock.)

New Zealand. (Dr. Thomson.)

The history of religion. (Jevons.)

Magic and religion. (Andrew Lang.)

Introduction to mythology and folk-lore. (Sir G.W. Cox.)

Myths and dreams. (Clodd.)

The mystic rose. (Crawley.)

Maori medical lore. (Goldie and Best. Transactions N.Z. Institute.)

Maori medical lore. (Elsdon Best in Journal Polynesian Society.)

The origin of the Maori. (R.S. Thompson - The Maori Record.)

Maori osteology. (Prof. Scott-Trans. N.Z. Institute.)

The lore of the Whare Kohanga. (E. Best - Journal Polynesian. Soc.)

The passing of the Maori. (Archdeacon Walsh-Trans. N.Z. Inst.)

Spiritual concepts of the Maori. (E. Best - Journal Polynes. Soc.)

The tohunga. (Lieau. Col. Gudgeon - Journal Polynesian Soc.)

The tohunga. (Rev. Hammond. - Journal Polynesian Soc.)

The tohunga. (S. Percy Smith - Trans. N.Z. Institute.)

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