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The Material Culture of the Cook Islands (Aitutaki)


page ix


Foreword vii
List of half-Tone Plates xi
Acknowledgments xiii
Introduction xvii
Chapter I.—Houses 1-42
Foundation. Framework. Roof and roof ridging. Gable ends. House walls. Screens, Door. Interior arrangement. Special houses. Comparisons.
Chapter II.—Domestic Furniture, Utensils, Accessories, Cords, and Ropes 43-75
Furniture—Wooden seats and chiefs' seats. Utensils—Small vessels, water containers, and wooden vessels. Food pounders. Fire production, ovens, food platforms, and food stretchers. Carrying pole. Cocoanut husker, grater, and wringer. Bread fruit. Cords and ropes. Comparisons.
Chapter III.—Clothing and Footwear 76-103
Bark cloth—material, manufacture, and kinds of cloth. Clothing not made of bark cloth—ti leaf kilts, hibiscus bast kilts. Armlets and leg bands. Head-dresses. Sandals. Comparisons.
Chapter IV.—Mats 104-162
The craft of plaiting, definitions. Material, preparation. Plaiting technique—commencement, side edges, body, join, finish. Dyeing. Decorative borders—technique, commencement, side bands, and corners. Coloured wefts— fixation, change of stroke. Decorative bands— composition, technique of design, main motives. Motives on plain surfaces. Comparisons.
Chapter V.—Baskets and Fans 163-207
Food platters, raurau. Round food basket, ohini. Cocoanut leaf baskets—tapora and kete nikau. Pandanus leaf basket, kete rau. Adaptation of mat technique and coloured designs. Fans. Comparisons. page x
Chapter VI.—Stonework 208-256
Rough stonework—sacred places, buildings, fish weirs, boundary stones, walls, roads, stone seats. Stone implements—adzes, definitions, triangular types and varieties, quadrangular types, other island types. Chisels. Haftings. Food pounders. Comparisons.
Chapter VII.—Canoes 257-276
Material. Single-outrigger canoes—hull, top boards, bow and stern covers, seats. Outrigger booms, float, float connection, longitudinal boom. Mast, sail, anchor, and bailer. Double canoes, historical. Comparisons.
Chapter VIII.—Fishing 277-316
Cocoanut leaf material—makaatu, torau, mauru, tu-uoa, torches. Technique of net making. Bag nets—huata flying-fish net, hopai scoop net, ngake hand net. Set nets—tuturua, fish weir net. Seine net. Fish spears. Fish weirs—pa kiokio, pa tute, pa tuakirua, Arani pa. Hook and line. Fish traps—anga and hinahi. Comparisons.
Chapter IX.—Fowling, Games, and Recreations 317-348
Fowling, fowl trap. Toys of cocoanut leaves—Jews' harp, hoop, windmill, spinner, bullroarer, canoe. Cocoanut shell—shoes, casting lots. Skipping, swings, toboggans, tip-cat, jack stones. Tops, stilts, string figures, kites. Darts and throwing discs. Comparisons.
Chapter X.—Miscellaneous 349-372
Weapons—long, short, projectile. Agricultural implements. Musical instruments — flutes, trumpets, wooden gongs, drums. Personal adornment—ornaments for the head, hair, ear, neck, breast. Tattooing—implements. designs. Decorative art—plaiting, tattooing, carving, painting. Comparisons.
List of Books and Papers referred to in the Text 373-374
Index 375-384