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The Material Culture of the Cook Islands (Aitutaki)

Cat's Cradle, hai

Cat's Cradle, hai.

String figures, under the name of hai, are known throughout the group. Time did not permit of following up this interesting subject. The figure known as rau nahe, the leaf of the nahe fern, is shown in Fig. 286. The figures
Figure 286. The rau nahe string figure.

Figure 286.
The rau nahe string figure.

are usually in series, one leading on to another. Thus the rau nahe, above, goes on to Nga toka aravei, Nga tamariki tiaki ra, Pahata puha, and Peru rakiki. In a figure called Nga tamariki tu pahorohoro, the children on a toboggan, two figures are shown on the string. On the string being pulled the figures run swiftly to the ends and slide off.
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Another figure was the well-known Maori one of mouti mouhaere. It was known as Moko. With it went a couplet.

Ka haere a Moko,
Ki te kimi vahine.

Moko goes a-seeking,
A-seeking for a wife.

In olden days the string was made of hau or oronga.