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Ethnology of Manihiki and Rakahanga

Plate 3. Coconut Leaf Mat and Cooking Receptacles

page 234

Plate 3. Coconut Leaf Mat and Cooking Receptacles.

A. Large sitting mat (tapakau) (C. 3075) made of separate leaflets plaited in on either side of three-ply mesial braid 45 inches long: closed leaflets plaited in horizontal and vertical twills converted to check at outer edges and finished off with three-ply braid; under surface shown to illustrate mesial braid commencement; length of braid finishing edges, 42 inches; width of each half, 23 inches.

B. Large puraka cooking receptacle (raurau papa) (C. 3072): simple two-strip commencement, open leaflets, check plait; leaflet left out on either side to act as tying strip when upper end folded down over food; top finishing end has leaflets tied together in pairs; top width, 16 inches; bottom width, 11 inches; length, 22 inches; width of wefts, 1.2 inches.

C. Fish receptacle (raurau to ika) (C. 3069): roughly made from two strips with open leaflets in check; free leaflets left out on ends of midrib strips to serve as ties; ends of leaflets tied at upper end into overhand knots; depth and width, about 10 inches.

D. Small cooking receptacle (raurau kapukapu) (C. 3069): simple two-strip commencement, open leaflet, check plait; ends of leaflets brought around back of midrib strips in two sets after doubling receptacle over, and tied in reef knot; width, 9.5 inches; depth, 6.5 inches.