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Ethnology of Manihiki and Rakahanga

Plate 2. Coconut Leaf Mats

Plate 2. Coconut Leaf Mats.

A. Sitting mat (pora) of open leaflets plaited in check (C. 3074), from two midrib strips shown in back view of lower edge, finished above with spaced three-ply braid: width at top, 27 inches; width at bottom, 33 inches; depth, 20 inches.

B. Wall screen (pataro) or sitting mat (pataro noho) (C. 3109) formed of leaflets from both sides of unsplit midrib at lower edge: extra leaflets introduced; leaflets kept closed; horizontal rows of twilled-twos formed in lower part, followed by vertical twilled-twos, then horizontal twilled-fours and twilled-threes and finally check; side edges formed by upward half-turns on left and direct bends on right; three-ply braid finish at top commencing from left with braid tail tucked back on right; width at top, 30 inches; width at bottom, 35 inches; depth, 27 inches.

C. Oven cover (pataro umu) (C. 3108): twisted two-strip commencement with closed leaflets; technique from bottom, horizontal row of dextral check, horizontal sinistral twilled-two, horizontal dextral check, vertical twilled-twos, horizontal twill and finishing rows of check; three-ply braid finish at upper edge with braid tail tucked through plaiting on right; width at top, 18.5 inches; width at bottom, 30 inches; depth, 19 inches.