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Ethnology of Manihiki and Rakahanga

Plate 10. Weapons and Adzes

Plate 10. Weapons and Adzes.

A. Short korare club (C. 3019) made of tou wood, inlaid with pearl sheel, and ornamented with three tassels of tou bast (fig. 109, b).

B. Long club (Am. Mus. Nat. History. S. 5113): pearl-shell discs inlaid and stuck on with some white substance: club fairly round in section but at head swells and is elliptical in section; total length, 60.5 inches; maximum width, butt, 3 inches and middle, 3.5 inches.

C. Adzes: 1, triangular adz (C. 2744) without tang, basalt cover with patina, 6 oz. (fig. 51); 2, tringular tanged adz (C. 2743), basalt covered with patin. 18 oz. (fig. 50); 3 quadrangular adz (C.2742) with tang and bilateral lugs, grey basalt, 46 oz, (fig. 52); 4, adz (C. 2767) of Tridacna shell, lashed to movavle socket to permit rotation of blade (figs. 54, 57); 5, adz (C.2768) of Tridacna shell, simple hafting (fig. 54, 56).