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Ethnology of Manihiki and Rakahanga

Plate 1. Houses and Implements

Plate 1. Houses and Implements.

A. Old-type house with side supporting posts and crossbeams, low eaves, and open walls with coconut leaf screens let down on left; sole survival of type, on Rakahanga.

B. Houses of Rarotongan type on Rakahanga, with lauhala thatch: 1, house with end sloping out to form veranda, closed walls of horizontal pieces of wood; 2, house with vertical ends and open walls, used as assembly house.

C. Thatching implements: 1, roof sheet needle (tuiau) of ngangie wood (C. 2811) (fig. 10); 2, thatching needle of ngangie wood (C. 2810) (fig. 11).

D. Hand graters (tuai) of pearl shell, front surface with grating edge up: 1 short grater (C. 2788) (fig. 20, a); 2, grater (C. 2784) with serrated edge, length, 6.5 inches and greatest width, 1.4 inches; 3, grater (C. 2783) with serrated edge, length, 7.1 inches and greatest width, 1.2 inches; 4, grater (C. 2785) with part of shell hinge included in grip end, length, 8.1 inches and greatest width, 1.6 inches.

E. Wooden food pounder (reru) with knobbed handle (C. 3020) (fig. 21).