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An Introduction to Polynesian Anthropology

Hawaiian Literature

Hawaiian Literature

Early Voyagers
  • Arago (1817-1820)
  • Beechey (1825-1828)
  • Belcher (1836-1842)
  • Bennett (1833-1836)
  • Broughton (1795-1798)
  • Byron (1824-1825)
  • Chamisso (1815-1818)
  • Choris (1815-1818)
  • Cook (1776-1780)
  • Dixon (1785-1788)
  • Duhaut-Cilly (1826-1829)
  • Du Petit-Thouars (1836-1839)
  • FranchÉre (1811-1814)
  • Freycinet (1817-1820)
  • Golovnin (1817-1819)
  • Kotzebue (1815-1818)
  • Kotzebue (1823-1826)
  • Krusenstern (1803-1806)
  • Langsdorff (1803-1806)
  • La perouse (1785-1788)
  • Lisiansky (1803-1806)
  • Meares (1788-1789)
  • Menzies (1791-1795)
  • Mortimer (1789)
  • Portlock (1785-1788)
  • Roquefeuil (1816-1819)
  • Stewart (1829-1830)
  • Turnbull (1800-1804)
  • Vancouver (1791-1795)
  • Wilkes (1838-1842)
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page 109

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page 110

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page 111

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