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An Introduction to Polynesian Anthropology

Literature on Equatorial and Phoenix Islands

Literature on Equatorial and Phoenix Islands

Early Voyagers
  • Byron (1824-1825)
  • Cook (1776-1780)
  • Wilkes (1838-1842)
  • Wilson, James (1796-1798)
Other Writers

Becks, Louis, Wild life in the southern seas, London, 1898.

Brown, J. M., Peoples and problems of the Pacific, vols. 1-2, London, 1927.

Fanning, Edmund, Voyages and discoveries in the south seas, Salem, 1924.

Rougier, Emmanuel, Ile de Christmas: Soc. des Etudes Océaniennes, Bull. 1, pp. 25-30, 1917.

Bishop Museum Publications

Bloxam, Andrew, Diary of, Special Pub. 10, 1925.

Emory, K. P., Archaeology of the Pacific equatorial islands, Bull. 123, 1934. [Includes Howland, Palmyra, Washington, Fanning, Christmas, Jarvis, Malden, and Starbuck Islands.]

Macgregor, Gordon, Archaeology of the Phoenix Islands, manuscript in preparation.