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An Introduction to Polynesian Anthropology

The Kaimiloa Expedition

The Kaimiloa Expedition

Bishop Museum was invited by Mr. and Mrs. Medford R. Kellum to select a group of scientists to accompany them on their private four-masted schooner Kaimiloa (Explorer) on a visit to some islands in the south Pacific. Stanley C. Ball, zoologist, was chief of the party of six which included Kenneth P. Emory, ethnologist, and Armstrong Sperry, associate ethnologist. The Kaimiloa sailed from Honolulu on November 9, 1924 and made short stops at Fanning, Christmas, Malden, and Tongareva, where some archaeological research was possible. The schooner arrived at Tahiti on January 1, 1925, where the scientific personnel disembarked. Emory and Sperry remained for some months to continue the study of archaeology in Tahiti and the Tuamotus.