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An Introduction to Polynesian Anthropology


The following is taken from the Director's report of 1920, page 17.

The administrative organization of most American museums consists of a board of trustees and a director. The trustees are usually laymen unfamiliar with scientific problems and must therefore rely for guidance on the recommendations of the director. After full consideration the Trustees of the Bishop Museum have decided to expand this traditional policy by establishing affiliations with some strong university which includes in its faculty and administrative officers men familiar with planning and carrying on scientific projects and which sustains close relations with other institutions interested in research.

Under this plan the Director maintains active relations with two institutions and the Trustees have the assurance that plans and methods which involve the activities and funds of the Museum receive not only their criticism but also that of others. The Director, likewise, has the advantage of personal consultation with a group of men interested in the ethnology and natural history of the Pacific but who are not available as members of the Museum staff.

page 46

To inaugurate this plan arrangements for a three-year period have been made with Yale University, whereby the Director of the Museum shall be a member of the University Faculty and the equipment of the Museum made available for advanced students of the University.

It was under the above plan that H. E. Gregory, while still holding his position on the Yale Faculty, was appointed Director of Bishop Museum on three-year terms. Later, the term was extended to the date of his retirement from the Yale Faculty. I succeeded Dr. Gregory, on his retirement in 1936. I was appointed to the Yale Faculty as Professor of Anthropology at the Graduate School and, on the recommendation of Yale University, also appointed Museum Director by the Trustees of Bishop Museum for a term of three years. Later the appointment was extended to the date of my retirement from the Yale Faculty.

The other outcomes of the affiliation between the two institutions are the Yale-Bishop Museum Fellowship and the establishment of a Bishop Museum Visiting Professor to Yale University (p. 57).