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An Introduction to Polynesian Anthropology

Miscellaneous Publications

Miscellaneous Publications

Among the studies made by people or organizations not directly connected with the Museum but completed by the Museum as regards the publication of results are the following:

Hawaiian Dictionary (1921). The Board of Commissioners of Public Archives received a grant of $25,000 from the Legislature to produce a revision of the "Dictionary of the Hawaiian Language" prepared by Lorrin Andrews and published in 1865. The task was entrusted to the Reverend Henry Hodges Parker, who worked on the project for five years following his appointment on January 1, 1915. Early in 1921, the manuscript cards for the dictionary were transmitted by the Board of Archives to Bishop Museum, which consented to page 59do the editorial work necessary to prepare the volume for the press. Galley proof was read by Mr. Parker. The Board of Commissioners of Public Archives made the following acknowledgment in the Preface to the Dictionary published in 1922: "The Board is under obligation to the Bishop Museum for skilled assistance and for financial aid which has permitted the publication of the dictionary without further drafts on Territorial funds."

Ancient Hawaiian Music (1923-1924). The Hawaiian Legend and Folklore Commission (John R. Galt, Chairman) was set up by an act of the Legislature to make a survey of Hawaiian music. Helen H. Roberts, who had much experience in research work on Indian music, was appointed to make the study. Her field work in Hawaii resulted in a manuscript which included a description of musical instruments used by the Hawaiians, an analysis of various songs and chants, and the musical notation of a large series of chants. Her original notes and phonographic records were added to the Museum files, and her manuscript on "Ancient Hawaiian Music" was published by the Museum (Bulletin 29, 1926).

The Canoes of Oceania (1936). This exhaustive study was made by two English authorities, A. C. Haddon, F.R.S., Reader in Anthropology at Cambridge University, and James Hornell, who had specialized in the study of canoes and boats in all parts of the world. The field work of the authors in their expeditions to parts of Oceania was made possible through the generosity of the Trustees of the Percy Sladen Memorial Trust. Information from other parts was obtained through an exhaustive study of the literature, photographs, information from friends and correspondents, and the models in various museums. The results of their study were published by Bishop Museum in three volumes (Special Publications 27-29, 1936-38): volume 1, James Hornell, "Polynesia, Fiji, Micronesia"; volume 2, A. C. Haddon, "Melanesia, Queensland, New Guinea"; volume 3, both authors, "Definition of terms, general survey, and conclusions."