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Explorers of the Pacific: European and American Discoveries in Polynesia

Spanish Voyages of the Eighteenth Century

Spanish Voyages of the Eighteenth Century

Though Spanish voyages in the north Pacific between America and the Philippines continued regularly, there was a long period between the voyage of Quiros in 1605-1606 and the time when a Spanish voyage was made west into the south Pacific. The few that were made were the result of Spain's fear page 60that the British might occupy some islands which would prove a menace to her South American possessions, and the last and most important south Pacific voyage made was an accident caused by contrary winds. The list of voyages follows:

Date Leader Ships Islands Visited
1770-1771 Gonzalez, Felipe San Lorenzo and Santa Rosalia Easter Island
1772-1773 Boenechea, Domingo Aguila Tuamotu, Society
1774-1775 Boenechea, Domingo Gayangos, Thomas Aguila and Jupiter Tuamotu, Society Raivavae
1775-1776 Langara, Cayetano de Aguila Tuamotu, Tahiti
1780-1781 Maurelle, Francisco A. La Princessa Vavau, Late